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Lose weight, reset habits and feel re-energised

Are you suffering from low energy levels, bloating or skin allergies? Do you have difficulty losing weight, high cholesterol or poor sleeping patterns?

Then the Global Community Detox is for you.

Starting Sunday, October 6th and running for 14 days until October 19th, our detox has been created for the everyday person who is busy, doesn’t know where to start in regards to detoxification & wants to learn how to take care of their body better for the long term.

You will be guided by Director Mandy Keillor, Author of The Detox Journey via a private Facebook group with live videos, easy to follow recipes, shopping lists, exercise videos, tips from expert wellness professionals and more to keep you motivated and supported every step of the way.

This is not a crash diet. There are no pills or powders just clean and nutritional eating with proven results.

Places are strictly limited so take the step to change your habits today and join us on the #GlobalCommunityDetox.

The price includes recipes, exercise videos, daily videos and coaching plus your own copy of the Detox Journey E-Book valued at 19,95€. Don’t miss this opportunity to change your life for only 49,95€.

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Commit yourself

A few reasons why you might need to detox

  • Fatigue and low energy levels
  • Bloating
  • Indigestion and acid reflux
  • Being overweight
  • Cravings, especially sugar
  • Frequent headaches or migraines
  • Bad breath or body odour
  • Allergies and skin conditions or food intolerances
  • Short-tempered, mood swings or depression
  • Bad diet
  • Poor sleep patterns
  • Giving up smoking
  • Poor bowel movements or constipation
  • Regularly taking prescription medications
  • Recurring yeast infections or foot fungus
  • Nausea
  • High cholesterol
  • PMS
  • Drink Caffeine and processed caffeinated drinks regularly
  • Arthritic aches and pains

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Kelly Lawlor

I lost over 5KGS (11 lbs) in the 14 days, but more importantly realised the benefits of a detoxed system. I experienced the classic detox symptoms, but once they passed I felt amazing.  Importantly for me as a single parent of 3 children I was able to incorporate the detox into my daily life (the kids even stole a couple of my smoothies) and at NO POINT did I feel hungry. Mandy’s support and knowledge, through daily live videos, recipes and exercise regimes made it an enjoyable and educational experience. The benefits of the detox were such I plan to do it twice a year, it really is fantastic!”

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Author - The Detox Journey

Meet your guide Mandy Keillor

Mandy wrote and published her first detox guide in 2010 to help Studio Australia Barcelona clients with their detox programs. The guide was aimed at people who had never done a detoxification program before as an easy read resource.

After decades of detoxing, training and learning about her body as well as caring for others in her wellness center in Barcelona she realized many people were not in touch with their bodies, eating habits and physical fitness because generally, they did not know where to start or how to sift through the mountains of information available.

She realized many people have no idea about what detoxification is and how it could help them.

A competitive bodybuilder in her 30´s, Mandy is a personal trainer and has been practicing Pilates for over 20 years.  Years of fitness and weight training have empowered her with powerful knowledge especially when it comes to maintaining how we can use food and fitness to maintain weight and good health.

The Detox Journey is a culmination of her knowledge of diet, metabolic typing, calorie control (basal metabolic rate) her love for food, health and fitness. During the #GlobalCommunityDetox Mandy will share with you delicious easy to make recipes, sample meal plans, wellbeing tips, exercise videos and a live interactive video every of the program.

Detox Program

What's included?

By following the program you will have increased energy, your inner beauty will be revived, you’ll feel lighter, have improved digestion, improved immunity, a clearer mind and have gained control of any habits or addictions.  By joining the program for a special price of 49,95€ you will receive the following tools and support:

  • The Detox Journey E-Book (valued at 19,95€)
  • 40 affordable and easy detox recipes
  • A live interactive video every day with Mandy & her expert team
  • Exercise videos
  • Food Shopping guide
  • Meal planner template
  • 3 Day Raw Food Cleanse meal planner with recipes
  • Supportive and controlled online environment with personalised feedback
  • Flexibility, no appointments do it all from your phone, ipad or desktop
Enrollments are limited to each program because we want to create an intimate and supportive community for you, ensuring that we are available to provide personal support and respond to any questions throughout your detox. 

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Detox Program

Here's a sneak preview of your #globalcommunitydetox program

Days 1 – 3 Raw Food only

The cleanse is designed to rest your liver and other organs from the intense process of digestion and give the body a chance to repair tissue and cells and rid the body of toxins and waste.

Day 4 Cooked Food!

On day 4 you can reintroduce cooked food back into your diet following the recipes and guidelines of the detox program.

Our detox allows you to eat ecological egg whites and fresh fish on this day.  Most people who have never detoxed before are struggling by this day due to the lack of animal protein and we have found this gives them the balance to continue.

By day 4 you will be feeling the changes and by day 8 you’ll be looking amazing!

Secret Online Group

How does the program work online?

The #GlobalCommunityDetox will be hosted on a private Facebook group, to join all you need is a personal Facebook account.  You DO NOT need to be actively using Facebook.

Only registered members of the #GlobalCommunityDetox will have access to the page and any comments or posts you publish to the group will be exclusively and only published to the group page and not on your personal page. Once you have registered to join the Detox you will be sent an invitation to join the private group.
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Detox at home

Can’t make this Global Community Detox?

We host this detox program twice a year in Autumn and Spring so there’s time for you to plan to join us for the next one! Contact us now and we will add you to our mailing list to make sure you don’t miss out and we will be sure keep in touch about all the upcoming events and offers at Studio Australia Barcelona.

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