S.A.B. Education

Continued education and training for Pilates, rehabilitation and wellness

S.A.B. Education

At Studio Australia Barcelona healing people, keeping them fit and well is not just the core of our business it is our mission.

Our team are expert passionate professionals who not only pursue and promote the standards of excellence in Pilates, health and wellness but also continued education.

We aspire to share the extensive knowledge and experience we have gained over the decades of working with our clients with you.  We are pleased to present our PMA accredited Pilates training courses, Face Pilates and wellness workshops.

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S.A.B. Education

Our Courses, Workshops and Training

Offering health and affiliated professionals, individuals and companies the opportunity to learn from us with our unique individual courses and workshops.

S.A.B. Education

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We offer health and affiliated professionals, individuals and companies the opportunity to learn from us with our unique courses and workshops.

Learn from experience

Gaining certification whether it’s a degree, certificate or registration we understand is important but we believe learning from others life experience is invaluable.

All of our teachers have an intimate knowledge of how to repair, rehabilitate, restore and replenish the body, spirit, and mind that has not only been learned but also gained from years of personal experiences.

It is from this knowledge that they harvest and draw to create the unique Pilates education courses, Face Pilates training and wellness workshops offered at Studio Australia Barcelona.

He knows the water best who has waded through it.

Danish Proverb

Teacher Training Courses

Face Pilates®

Be one of the first in the world to teach Face Pilates to your clients.

Registrations of interest are now open for Pilates, health and allied beauty professionals to be the first to enroll in the inaugural Face Pilates teacher training courses due to launch in 2020.

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Meet out ream

Tailored learning experiences from exceptional learned teachers with real-life knowledge.

Combined, our talented team has more than 75 years of Pilates teaching. We are distinct in our training, skills and expertise. This gives our clients the opportunity to have the ideal balance of variety, care and diversity in their Pilates programs.