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Mandy Keillor

Founder, Author, Creator of Face Pilates® and Healthcare & Wellness Expert at Studio Australia Barcelona

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A pioneer in the holistic health and wellness industry entrepreneur Mandy Keillor has forged a unique niche in complementary health as co-founder and director of Studio Australia Barcelona.

In 2005 Mandy left a successful career in building and interior design in Australia and move to Barcelona to follow a life long dream.  She didn’t just migrate she transformed her career and life opening the distinct Pilates and wellness company in 2006 with partner Natalia Laing.

Their center is now recognized as an oasis for caring for your body, mind and spirit where you can find an all-encompassing menu of complementary health practices for rehabilitation, wellness, natural beauty, inner health, diet and nutrition.

Holistic Health

Balancing life with detox, fitness and holistic health

Mandy’s passion for fitness, good clean food and holistic health blossomed in her early 20’s when she was struggling to manage an eating disorder.  To overcome her issues she sought natural alternative ways to enable her to control and turn around her obsessive behaviour. On this quest she found fitness and became a competitive fitness body builder.  This experience also set her on a path to understand how to have a balanced lifestyle through detox, understanding your metabolism and the affect the way we process foods has on your body, physical exercise, and self-care.  Mandy has experienced many complementary health treatments over the years to look after her body often wondered why she could not find a ‘one-stop-shop’ where she could have all the holistic health disciplines in one place.  Moving to Barcelona gave her the opportunity to create this place! Now in her 50’s the holistic approach to living healthy is just a way life.

Her role at Studio Australia Barcelona includes creating and co-ordinating programs for clients who seek the same by combining the skills of their world-class practitioners.

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Pilates & Healing

Tailored programs to suit your needs

Whether you are looking for a way to get and keep fit, wanting to change your lifestyle habits or need some care to repair or rehabilitate your body we create tailored programs to suit your needs.

The Studio Australia Barcelona Team

An international team of Pilates & Healing professionals

Our specialist team is made up of experienced international professional practitioners whom have gained their knowledge and expertise through years of training and dedication to caring for their clients.