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Pilates | Rehabilitation | Pregnancy

Keep fit, stay healthy and balance your life with personalised Pilates online.

Take the opportunity to work with Pilates Master Natalia Laing. Unique self-guided, private and specialised tailored programs for athletes, pregnancy, advanced Pilates enthusiasts and people requiring specialist rehabilitation. Our focus is to keep you safe, out of pain and fit for life!

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Pregnancy Wellbeing

Stay fit, prepare for birth and recover well with pregnancy Pilates, HypnoBirthing and nutrition.

Specialist health and healing practitioners caring for pregnant women and their birthing partners for a combined 50 years! Our proven approach is holistic, personal and empowering.

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Structural Realignment

Change your body and posture in 10 methodical sessions


Have you ever felt like your body and posture are just “out of whack”? With the use of touch, the 10 Series of The Ida Rolf Method hands on methodical bodywork sessions you will obtain strength, enhanced performance, realignment and balance in your body.

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Face Pilates®

Learn how to exercise your face like you work your body.

Face Pilates is a clinically proven natural alternative to keeping your face and neck muscles toned and lifted and maintaining your skin condition and youthful looks. Clinically proven to lift and rehabilitate the 43 muscles of the face, improve skin texture, gain tone, reduce fine lines over time and maintain brain-to-nerve-to-muscle control.

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Detox & Cleanse

Detox & cleansing consultations, tailored plans and self-guided programs

Whether you are looking for a reset diet and nutrition program you can do at home or wanting to change your lifestyle and food habits we offer a service to suit your needs.

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