5 Reasons to try a Holistic Colon Cleanse

Having your first colon hydrotherapy treatment can be daunting for most people.  You might think that the idea of someone, who you do not know, inserting a tube into your rectum and gently cleansing your colon with warm filtered water over a period of a hour or so, isn’t generally a preferred therapeutic practice by choice.

But you’d be surprised!

The benefits of including regular colon cleanses into your holistic health routine far outweigh that first possible moment of embarrassment and once you have faced those initial reservations you will feel the benefits, in some instances immediately, and understand that caring for your body from the inside is a smart option for continued good health.

Over the past 10 years we have embraced a loyal group of followers and clients who swear by having regular colon hydrotherapy treatments in their routines as a way to care for their bodies, minds and spirits.

Here are 5 good reasons that you might try a holistic colon cleanse!

A Totally Natural Colon Cleanse

At Studio Australia Barcelona unlike some clinics we do not use a machine to cleanse your colon but instead you are cared for by an experienced and fully qualified colon hydrotherapy therapist who infuses via gravity warm filtered water throughout the entire process.

Sometimes herbs or coffee can be used in the infusion.

During the treatment your therapist will use hands on methods including reflexology,  gentle massage of your abdominals to dislodge debris, and relaxation techniques to assist your system to be at ease and release as the water is filled into your colon and released.

Similar to an enema the process is totally natural however instead of using several litres of water during a colon hydrotherapy treatment we can use up to 60 litres to cleanse and exercise the bowel.

Colon hydrotherapy treatments are particularly beneficial when you are doing a detox or fasting as it enables the body to clear toxins more efficiently as well as better absorb vitamins and nutrients.  We recommend it as a natural way to reset your body, introduce new flora into your gut with a course of probiotics and improve your digestion process.

Holistic approach

As a holistic medical center we approach all treatments to heal and care for the whole person including mind, body, emotions and spirit.

You may come to have a colon hydrotherapy treatment for very obvious issues like bloating, constipation or digestive problems but we know that to balance your overall health and wellness we need to consider your issues from the view of all systems.

Your gastrointestinal tract is particularly important in the body as it is considered your ‘second brain’ and has an influential impact on all the ecosystems that make up your body.

It’s all about communication! Our job is to get that discussion happening and restore balance using the best practices and practitioners we have available.

Professional experienced practitioner

Amanda Spring has been our colon hydrotherapy specialist since 2009 and practicing as a professional therapist since 2004.  She is also qualified in nutritional medicine and is a cleansing coach.

We can vouch for her passion with clients and therapy by the words that come out of their mouths every time they come to the front reception after a treatment…”she is amazing!”.

Actually, Amanda is special.  Her approach is completely holistic and considered.  Her philosophy to healing is that it is not only a physical process but also psychological.

“Meaningful healing comes with the discovery of understanding, acceptance and listening within…”

You are in the hands of a true professional who will put you at ease, care for your needs both in the treatment and beyond.

Personalised treatment plan

In your initial session Amanda will speak to you about your history, nutritional and dietary habits, lifestyle, energy levels.

She will work with your body during the holistic colon cleanse treatment taking you through a series that includes a pattern of fill, empty or flush to understand how your gut, colon and brain are working together.

This sequence includes:

  • FILL the colon (water enters but does not exit), which you can feel as gentle pressure particularly around the anus.
  • EMPTY from the colon (water exits only)
  • FLUSH out the colon (water enters and exits at the same time)

The colon is a muscle that is 5 foot long and like all muscles it needs to be exercised to work well.  In your session Amanda will be able to ascertain the “fitness” of your colon as well as clear away gas and waste.

With the information Amanda finds in the treatment she will be able to create a personalised treatment plan that may include:

  • Follow up colon hydrotherapy sessions
  • Detox programs and cleanses
  • Naturopathy
  • Diet and nutritional advice
  • Other alternative therapies offered by our team of qualified alternative health practitioners to care for your body.

Safe and private

When having a colon hydrotherapy treatment you want to feel safe.

Our treatments are by appointment and we allow 1.5 hours for each session to ensure that you are not rushed or ever feel under pressure during your consultation.  Our treatment room is private and you are the only person using the area.

As the system is working via filtered water that is gravity fed there is not enough pressure to cause any contraindications and the entire process is controlled by Amanda.  All of the equipment used is either sterilised or disposable.

We never over prescribe or recommend a series of consecutive sessions without first having done your initial assessment and we can monitor your progress.

If you would like to know more about what happens when having a colon hydrotherapy treatment with Amanda you can read more here or contact us with any questions or to book a session.

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