Benefits of Private Pilates Lessons

Whether you are taking a private Pilates class because you have an injury and need personal therapy or care, want better fitness guidance and are keen to have a more in depth understanding about the principles of Pilates, feel that it’s time to focus on your body, are pregnant, suffering with anxiety or just want to have fun, it is a treat!

We introduce all of our new clients, even if they have done Pilates before, into our studio with a 90 minutes one-on-one private session because it’s the perfect way to get to know you and it’s your first celebration of being in our center.

We learn about your body, discuss your injury and medical history, speak to you about your expectations and take this time to integrate you as a new client into the space without interruption. It’s a great opportunity for us to introduce you to our method of Pilates, including the fundamentals of teaching you how to breath and use your core abdominals with focused exercises.

Many of our clients choose to continue with private Pilates lessons because they feel the immediate benefits from this session.

Focused care and attention

If you have had corrective back surgery, suffer from scoliosis, have disc compression or injury including ruptured or bulging discs, degenerative disease in your spine or suffer from chronic back pain moving your body with Pilates exercise and rehabilitation programs are recommended to aid in a faster long term recovery.

We recommend private Pilates classes, especially in those early days of an injury, as a course of action to rehabilitate your body, because we can focus on full care and attention.

These sessions give our team the opportunity to focus on:

  • The specific areas of your body that need direct care.
  • Time to speak to you about your symptoms, what is working and how you are feeling and our next plans in your treatment plan.
  • Time to use our hands with manual release practices including trigger point, massage and myofascial release.
  • Targeted therapy sessions to build your muscles, improve your posture, align your structure and aid your rehabilitation.
  • Exercises that connect your mind and body to enhance your recovery.

A holistic approach in every class tailored to your body

As experienced Pilates specialists we are trained to use specific breathing, pelvic floor and focused Pilates exercises to strengthen your core abdominal muscles.  Strong core abdominal muscles are essential to support the spine, take pressure off the discs and surrounding nerves and to correct your posture.

Exercising and balancing the other muscle groups of your body that are compensating or may be wasting due to your injury, improving your flexibility, mobility and confidence are also important as we take a holistic approach to the body in the process of recovery.

Although Pilates may not be able to correct significant spinal issues including scoliosis or degeneration we have very good results caring for these conditions.

Our main mission when we start working with your body is to get you out of pain and teach you how with regular instructed Pilates sessions you can keep yourself fit, healthy and manage your injury day-to-day, without fear.

You will have the peace of mind that even with relapse or other injuries with just a couple of Pilates sessions you can be out of pain and back on the road to recovery.

Meeting your goals

One of the questions we ask you when you do your introductory session is ‘what do you want to achieve from doing Pilates with us?’  

This is important information when inducting you into our studio as it empowers us to support you so you can best meet your own personal challenges and achieve your goals.

It also excites us to plan your private Pilates lessons for consistency and growth so you can see your progression.

Sometimes being in a studio or group session is not conducive to meeting your goals as you need one-on-one focus and instruction to get to the next level.

Having private Pilates lessons allows us to give you customised tailored programs to achieve your goals.

Be your best at Pilates with private lessons adapted to suit your level

When you invest in private Pilates sessions we respect your commitment and we personally prepare each lesson to suit your needs.  We appreciate you as our client.

Investing our time to plan your class including adapting the exercises, timing and focus to suit your level we believe is essential for us to help you achieve your goals and get the most from every Pilates session.

It doesn’t matter your fitness level, stage of healing, age or other issues you might have, private Pilates will work for you as it is your tailored and personalised program.

10 reasons why you’ll benefit from taking private Pilates lessons

1.    Sessions can be booked at your convenience.

We coordinate your private Pilates session each week depending on your availability and preferred session times.

2.    You can ask all types of questions and pick your instructor’s brains!

There is nothing better than being able to really understand from a professional instructor why you are doing a particular exercise, what it is doing for your body and how it will benefit you.

3.    Privacy, especially if you are shy, suffering with anxiety or do not like being in groups.

There are a group of people who come to our studio to do private lessons because they just want to have a private moment in their week.  Whatever your reason we assure and respect your privacy.

4.    Have better guidance to achieve your goals every lesson.

We’re a team!  You’re not alone and our team of professionals have your back.  Your goals are our goals.

5.    Detailed instruction and supervision on all your exercises.

Good form when you exercise is important as it reduces the risk of injury, brings efficiency to the workout and gives you added confidence.  Having one-on-one supervision and instruction during your class is a bonus of private lessons.

6.    Learn more complicated Pilates exercise sequences to push your boundaries 

Pilates is a lifestyle and as an exercise method it has a base of recognised core exercises created by Joseph Pilates but these are continuously adapting.  Learning from diverse experienced specialists enables you to not just push your boundaries with these exercises but also stay in touch with how the method is always evolving.

7.    Increase your stamina 

Not only does consistent exercise increase your stamina it also helps you to handle stress and boost your energy levels.

8.    Body awareness and knowledge about your body

Having this understanding about your body is a gift!

9.    Understand better how to work on the Pilates equipment

Pilates with equipment is the best and knowing how to use the equipment is a bonus.  Like going to the gym and not feeling confident about what equipment to use being in the Pilates studio is the same.  It’s empowering to walk in and know what you’re doing!

10.    It’s fun!

Caring for your body with Pilates is amazing.  Sharing the experience with great instructors, achieving your goals and learning about yourself should be fun!

Want to book your introductory session and start private Pilates lessons?  

We look forward to hearing from you.

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