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Releasing Emotional Baggage

Our colon hydrotherapist at Studio Australia Barcelona, Amanda Spring, always has a box of tissues at hand as colon hydrotherapy can be an emotional experience.

We talk freely about emotions but how do they actually affect us and our well-being?

General symptoms like pain, fatigue, dizziness and more specific ones like indigestion, ulcers, headaches and irritable bowel are increasingly seen to be medically unexplained symptoms (MUS).

That is, they last for more than a couple of weeks but have no detectable organic basis of disease, in other words, no detectable cause.

MUS are on the increase in our society and account for 20 per cent of doctor consultations in the United Kingdom according to their National Health Service website.

This is an eye opener as it is acknowledging that a fifth of the English population who seek medical help are not diagnosed with a known condition and without a known condition the medical profession cannot offer specific treatment.

Instead attention is directed towards addressing psychological or life problems, like anxiety, stress or depression that are known to trigger or worsen disorders like MUS.

Importance in these instances is given to mental health, feeling good and functioning well, and emotional health, feeling happier.

A feeling triggered somewhere in our mind or body is coded into a peptide messenger that is released and subsequently picked up by a peptide receptor in the brain or other gland, organ or tissue.

She writes that “by simply acknowledging emotions, they are expressed and in being expressed emotions can be released, even old emotions stored in body memory”.

During the colon hydrotherapy session the mind and body are alerted to sensations and sometimes these can trigger thoughts of past experiences and the emotions connected to them.

This opportunity to bring held memory into consciousness can initiate a heightened flow of solid waste from the colon.

Our therapist describes this release like ‘a dam breaking’.

It is as if by offloading held emotion the colon at the same time also lets go and waste flows more easily from it.

From our experience we know that each colon hydrotherapy session is different.

It provides a different ‘release’ for each person.

However, when the person is able to connect not just physically but also emotionally during the session we have seen significant results in the treatment of their conditions including allergies, skin conditions, migraines and even cancer.

Considering a colon hydrotherapy session?  Many people find the idea of this treatment embarrassing or intrusive so please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to speak about the process and what’s involved.

We are here for you…

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