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Complementary Wellness Treatments for Cancer Patients

At Studio Australia Barcelona we are not cancer experts but we do care for people in our center and members of their families, who do have or are recovering from cancer.

Nothing really gives you the opportunity to learn about cancer better than the experience of sharing the ordeal with those you care for or love.

Recommended Treatments

Within all our wellness and health experiences we have 3 complementary treatments to share that may lower stress levels, relieve pain, give empowerment when the body (and mind) is struggling and help relaxation for cancer patients.

Reiki and Pilates are two of the few practices that cancer patients can tolerate while they are being treated with chemotherapy or radiation, and for your skin care along the way we have some amazing natural products to use.


Keeping the body moving and strong during and after being treated for cancer with chemotherapy and radiation is important as one of the side effects can be osteoporosis.

Pilates equipment and the diversity of the Pilates method gives us a way to use spring resistance to create suitable weight bearing exercise routines which we can adapt to each individual so we can create a suitable program to support people who are at risk of losing bone density.

Pilates is also important post surgery, especially when having breasts or lymph nodes removed as these exercises help to keep the fascia and scar tissue supple and encourage the lymphatic system to function.

Although we use specific exercises when working with our clients post surgery, we recommend that they see a lymphatic specialist after surgery to understand the daily exercises they should do themselves to avoid lymphedema.


Recently we have teamed up with the Australian natural skin care company MooGoo to collaborate and spread the word about how important natural products are for your wellbeing.

One of the things we suggest to all our clients is to use natural cleaning products and body care products because, basically, it is a proven fact that the chemicals in our environment and those that we use on our skin can have a damaging effect on our immune systems.

When you are fighting cancer this is even more relevant.  Both chemotherapy and radiation treatments not only destroy the cancer but also the immune system.

So we were very happy when we realized that we could recommend the MooGoo products to our oncology clients.

Please have a read about what they have to say-

Following chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment, some patients suffer from dry, red, irritated and sensitive skin which can be uncomfortable and painful, so it is necessary to apply moisturisers to keep the skin soothed and hydrated. MooGoo is an Australian company who make a range of safe, natural products with effective, active ingredients designed for people with skin and scalp problems. When undergoing treatment, you may not want to expose your skin to any more harsh chemicals, so completely natural skin care may be of preference. 

Originally designed for those with very dry skin, Skin Milk Udder Cream in particular is found to successfully aid in the recovery of damaged skin following chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment and is now recommended by Oncologists worldwide. Apply to unbroken skin for prophylaxis of radiotherapy or chemotherapy induced dermatitis to alleviate dry, irritate and flaky skin.

It is also often recommend that patients undergoing radiation and chemotherapy treatment avoid using aluminium based antiperspirants.

MooGoo’s Fresh cream deodorant is a unique formula that contains no crystals, no potpourri and definitely no aluminium. It is instead made up of edible, natural, healthy ingredients that help control odour-causing bacterial. This means you perspire as you should but without the smell. 

Chapped dry lips are a common side effect of treatment. MooGoo’s Cow Lick Lip Balm is again made of entirely natural and edible, soothing and repairing ingredients, designed to moisturise and nourish lips.

MooGoo is made from the safest, natural, food grade ingredients and is completely safe to use all over the face and body for babies, children and adults. 

MooGoo Oncology Care Pack

For more information about Studio Australia Barcelona and how we might be able to help you or your family please contact us.

We would be very happy to help if we can.

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