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Improve your Performance with Pilates

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Pilates is known to be an excellent rehabilitation tool for back problems such as herniated discs, or for improving scoliosis as well as repairing other sporting ailments like tendinitis, knee injuries and bursitis.

Until recently in Spain it has not been usual to use Pilates as a complementary practice to competitive sports to improve performance or avoid injury.

Studio Australia Barcelona Director, Natalia Laing, tells us how Pilates can help people who love to run, practice paddle or compete in marathons or triathlons.

What are the benefits?

Pilates helps with:

  • Control
  • Flexibility
  • Balance and stability
  • Power
  • Mind body connection
  • Core strength
  • Muscle strength
  • Endurance

Anyone who practices Pilates prior to playing a game, competing or performing will tell you how much better they feel. You feel connected. Pilates is not only physical, it is also mental. It gives you a more profound connection to your body and as a result your overall ability is much better!

How many weekly sessions are recommended?

I recommend a minimum of one session of Pilates per week but if a person has the time and resources, 3 sessions per week is ideal. I do have athletes who will come in 5 times a week when preparing to compete.

How should it be practiced?

As a teacher I aim to understand the biomechanics of the sport or exercise that each of my clients are practicing or competing in so I can devise a tailored personalized program for that client’s needs.

I believe that my experience as an instructor, therapist and athlete are instrumental in how my clients practice Pilates to achieve their desired results.

I would recommend that any sports person or athlete who wants to improve or rehabilitate their body with Pilates always look for a reputable centre or fully qualified Pilates instructor.

Pilates and sport can be a beautiful marriage that will create magic when done well.


Here is what endurance runner Dani Lopez had to say about how Pilates has changed his performance after 18 months doing the practice…

“my ‘core’ is now stronger and I can endure harder and long training sessions without pain.  I’ve also learned to use different muscles so the effort if distributed along my body and I have less muscle cramps.  Since I’ve started I’ve had no calf cramps when before I had them constantly (one per month!!).  I also have now a list of stretching exercises to do after my workouts or at home which help me recover faster.

In general I feel less tight and more flexible and I would say I walk/run with a better posture.  Out of the practice of sport it has also helped me when I’m traveling and I have to sleep in several different beds of dubious quality.”

For more information or to book a session with Natalia please contact us. 

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