The Natural Facelift That Works

These days most of us understand the importance of training our body muscles for a healthy, strong and sculpted body. But when it comes to the face, rather than applying the same philosophy, we’ve rushed straight to chemical, quick fix solutions. Discover a natural way of facelift.

No difference between health and beauty

Keillor was the beauty coach for the natural supplement laboratory, Forte Pharma in 2016, when she spent the year advising and writing on a range of self-care themes such as hair and body as well as her Face Pilates® program. She is also the author of The Detox Journey, a comprehensive guide for the busy person wanting to take care of themself by making the right food decisions and embarking on healthy detox programs.

Keillor believes that there is basically no difference between health and beauty and that they go hand in hand. Her decision to develop the non-invasive Face Pilates® method was inspired by these principles. You could say she was well ahead of the game.

In the last five years there’s been an explosion of wellness trends that are changing the way we look at what we put on and in our bodies.

Organic, vegetarian diets have taken over from processed meals and meat, while natural, plant-based cosmetics are giving the chemical beauty sector a run for its money. There’s also a more philosophical tendency to shun products or procedures that change the way we look and a growing desire to seek out natural methods that work to simply enhance and tone our features.

Pilates and Wellness Experts

Whist working alongside experienced Pilates experts at her wellness studio, Keillor realised that the same practice, an exercise method that uses controlled movements to tone, align and strengthen the body, could as easily be applied to the face. Over the past seven years she has rigorously applied the same principles of Pilates for the body to create a facial exercise workout program as well as registering Face Pilates® as an international brand name.

To date, her targeted program is one of the very few facial exercise and antiageing techniques to have been proven effective by a clinical trial.

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Proven clinical results

The trial, carried out by active ingredient specialists Lipotec, focused on 79 women between the ages of 39 and 59 years old with sagging neck and jaw lines. One group of women applied a treatment but did not follow the specifically developed and tailored Face Pilates® exercise program, while the other group combined the two.

After just 28 days the group that combined the Face Pilates® routine with the treatment saw their double chin contour reduced by an amazing 11.1% compared to the 9.9% in the other group.

After 56 days the group that followed the Face Pilates® exercise program continued to show better results over the group using only the treatment.

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding.

How to do facial exercises

The question is how to do facial exercises to get a natural facelift? The Face Pilates® facial exercise routine is a series of 40 fundamental exercises using the tested principals of Pilates that teach you how to work the muscles and stimulate the skin of your face using your fingers and facial expressions. The exercises lift and rehabilitate the 43 muscles of the face, improve skin texture, gain tone, lift the muscles, reduce fine lines over time and maintain brain-to-nerve-to-muscle control. In one session you can see the changes.

The Face Pilates® program also encourages you to take a little ‘me time’ every day. We believe that ritual and self care routines are as essential to our health as the food we eat.

By practicing a Face Pilates® program regularly you are creating small breathing spaces, mindful moments of calm that will help you navigate the rest of the day in a more focused way.

So, by doing just ten minutes of Face Pilates® every day you can significantly improve your complexion as collagen production is stimulated. Over time, as the muscles develop they will create a natural lift, while muscular tension is gradually reduced.

“You really can enhance and improve the look of your face in just a few minutes. It is the most effective natural way to combat ageing,” Keillor says.

Start exercising your face

We are really excited to be launching an eight-week course based on the proven results of the Face Pilates® clinical trial in 2020.

Alongside specifically targeted workshops on this highly effective, non-invasive facial exercise workout we’ll be teaming up with natural plant-based skincare brands offering combined sessions on how to use these products to further enhance it’s effects.

So whether you are bothered by irksome fine lines that seem to be getting progressively worse, you need a break from Botox or you simply want to embark on a preventative journey that will help you maintain a more youthful and sculpted appearance, the Face Pilates® facial exercise program could well be what you’re looking for.

We would love to know if you’re interested and please don’t hesitate to get in touch for further information.

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