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TRX and Pilates: Smart Cardio Training

There’s always the latest trend of Pilates combos popping up every year.

Barre Pilates®, we own this one!  The combination of high repetitions, light weights, ballet moves combined with Pilates principals are a great cardio and body shaping exercise routine.

Yoga and Pilates, not something we offer, but these practices are very complementary and  together they are a great combo with the ancient knowledge of mind and body and 20th century bodywork.

High Intensity Interval Training, personally not my cup of tea!  At Studio Australia Barcelona we haven’t ever offered this method of exercise, or combined it with our Pilates, as doesn’t suit our style of teaching but the principles of HIIT are proven to be important for maintaining good cardiovascular health and improving overall fitness.

Which brings me to the latest offering being TRX & Pilates!

Functional fitness training

Pilates exercises, especially using Pilates equipment with spring resistance, enables us as teachers to work the total body, however, for most people to realise the full benefits of being able to move and experience advanced suspension and full range of motion Pilates exercises it takes years of practice, strength and dedication.

We are always looking for new ways to enhance the experience of our clients and extend the knowledge of their bodies in a safe and intelligent way so when we were introduced to the concept of combining TRX and Pilates as a way to improve their cardio and functional fitness training, it was a no brainer.

Avoiding the risk of injury

As we are specialists in rehabilitation and the majority of the clients who come to our health and wellness centre have a history of injury, surgery or disease, especially back issues such as herniated discs, scoliosis and degeneration, caring for their wellbeing and keeping them pain free is our main priority once we get them in a stable condition.

Our first focus when we start a rehabilitation program is to teach every person about their core abdominal muscles.  As Joseph Pilates would say “their power house”. Core strength and stability is the foundation for all Pilates exercises and is essential on the path to recovery.

Some of the critics of TRX suggest that the method for users without good core strength or body awareness can lead to them injuring themselves especially if they have a history of issues.

Combining the method of Pilates once a person is trained in our method of how to use their core abdominals plus learning the mind body connection of the muscle and skeletal system with TRX enables us to safely increase their strength and cardiovascular activity without risk.

The right instructor

Of course to avoid injury when you are exercising it is essential to have the right qualified instructors caring for you.

Having very qualified team of Pilates teachers who not only have decades of experience working with rehabilitating serious injuries of all types but who are also holistic personal training practitioners in that they are educated in and understand movement, anatomy, fitness, cardiovascular training, posture, balance, breathing techniques and flexibility is the best!

At our centre in Barcelona, Daniela Miotto is our Personal Pilates & TRX specialist.

Living longer with cardio training

It’s actually proven by studies that regular cardio training and aerobic exercise will not only increase our fitness but will help us to live longer and the sooner we start the better as the benefits only get better as we age!

Cardiovascular disease has also been shown to increase the risk of dementia and cognitive decline.  Apart from not smoking, diet and maintaining a good body weight, exercise one of the four most important lifestyle choices to improve your cardiovascular health.

In fact learning how master 40 repetitions of a challenging but simple push up can help you to live longer and we can teach you how!

Combining Pilates & TRX exercise methods allows us to use both the intelligence of Pilates where we can tailor the exercises to be safe, to your fitness level and use the functional fitness and suspension techniques of TRX to teach you to use your body well and achieve your optimum cardio and aerobic fitness.

Starting your Pilates & TRX program

If you are not already a client at Studio Australia Barcelona your first session will be a 1.5 hour introductory session with Director Natalia Laing.

In this session she will:

  • Do a postural assessment on your body
  • Speak to you about your history – we ask that you bring any medical reports, X-rays or MRI   images if you have any issues
  • Stretch and release your body to assess the tightness of your muscles and your structure
  • Introduce you to the Pilates equipment
  • Teach you how to connect to your pelvic floor and core abdominal muscles
  • Show you how to use your breath when doing Pilates
  • Ask you what you want to achieve from working with us

From here we can tailor a Personal Pilates & TRX program to suit your needs.

Personalised training classes

We offer one on one or duet classes which is a great way to share your training with a friend or partner.

From your personalised training classes you can expect:

  • 60 minutes focused sessions
  • Personalised high(er) intensity Pilates exercise routines
  • Classes including the Pilates reformer, free weights, mat work & TRX equipment
  • Strength and cardiovascular gains by using bodyweight and suspension training methods
  • Tailored exercise and movement programs suited to your body
  • Mentored coaching class by class
  • Monitored results to achieve our goals

Contact us if you would like to book your introductory session or feel free to telephone Natalia or Mandy on +34 649347392 if you would like to chat more about Pilates & TRX sessions for your body.

We look forward to caring for your fitness and enhancing your longevity!

Mandy Keillor
Director – Studio Australia Barcelona





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