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Pilates & Wellbeing Health Kit

Limited release program

Get yours now! Just 200€

Kick start the new year ready to transform your fitness and wellbeing dreams with our exclusive Health Kit!

Gift this exclusive online Pilates & Wellbeing Health Kit to someone you love, or yourself!

This kit includes aspiring Pilates and cleansing programs that are proven to get your body in shape, establish new wellbeing routines and give you the tools to reset your eating habits.

What’s in the KIT!

  • Introduction to Pilates Program with Natalia Laing.
  • 30-day membership to the exclusive Pilates & Wellbeing Program.
  • 3 Day Raw Food Cleanse reset program.

A unique and special limited edition wellness gift.  

Only 15 kits are available globally.


How it works in 6 Steps!

Your job…

  1. Get the Kit.
  2. Sign into the Introduction to Pilates Program with Natalia Laing.
  3. Book your LIVE private 90-minute online introductory session with Natalia.
  4. Complete Nat’s 6 fundamental self-guided sessions.
  5. Plan a week to do your 3 Day Raw Food Cleanse reset and do it!
  6. Join the exclusive Pilates & Wellbeing Program and become fitter and stronger by the week!

In return, our job will be to make you accountable, guide you and give the right tools and encouragement so you fulfil your fitness and wellbeing dreams in 2022.


Natalia & Mandy xxx

Join us today!

The programs in detail:

1. Introduction to Pilates Program with Natalia Laing

Your essential online induction to learning a unique Pilates method.

Be inducted personally live online by expert Natalia Laing and then learn her method with the 6 essential Pilates sessions in this fundamental limited release Introduction to Pilates Program.

The program includes:

Live online

Your program at Studio Australia Barcelona begins with a one-on-one 90-minute private session with Natalia Laing via ZOOM.

Important!  To keep you accountable this session will expire by the 30th of June 2022!

Self-guided lessons

6 Part series of Natalia’s essential Pilates sessions to give you the fundamentals to enjoy this wonderful form of exercise or prepare you to join the Pilates & Wellbeing Program.

Video 1 – Stretch class.

Video 2 – How to use your core abdominal muscles.

Video 3 – Nat’s ‘fundamental back’ series.

Video 4 – Leg and glute focus class.

Video 5 – Using weights to shape and strengthen your body.

Video 6 – Full combination class.

This is a limited release program and will never expire!

2. 30 day membership to the exclusive private Pilates & Wellbeing Program

A private limited membership community for advanced Pilates enthusiasts!

Once you have completed the Introduction to Pilates Program you will become part of our unique online community and experience a place where we all become stronger, fitter and form special bonds working out and doing Pilates together.



Our program is hosted on our website, a
multi-platform learning platform easy to navigate and access in different devices. As soon as you buy the program, you will receive your login access.


The Program includes:

A proven approach to online teaching as we adapt and personalise every session to who is in class. To ensure this level of tailored service people must have completed the Introduction to Pilates Program unless they are previous S.A.B. Pilates trained.

  • Limited private access and membership.  Maximum 40 people.
  • 90 days of exclusive content only available to program members before public release.
  • 3 live ZOOM Pilates classes every week fully programed with class notification reminders.

Missed the session?  No problems, these classes are recorded and included in your easy to access library so you can do them at your leisure.

  • Links to our YouTube library of 100’s of Pilates videos including a diverse selection of our classic repertoire!

– Stretch & release classes

– Nurturing Pilates classes

– Intermediate Pilates classes

– Upper body classes

– Leg & glute classes

– Core & abdominal classes

– Back & rehabilitation classes

– Barre Pilates classes

Growing each week with every new class!

  • Synchronise your Google Calendar and iCalender for all live classes.
  • The platform is mobile and device friendly for easy viewing
  • Nat’s ‘pick of the week’ class for that extra class you’re looking for.
  • Weekly healthy food recipes to inspire you in the kitchen!
  • Tune into Nat’s Spotify playlist to enjoy all her music.
  • Inspirational quotes,movies and documentaries.

30 day membership only.   This must be completed by the 30th of June 2022.  Continue your membership for just 25€ a week!

3. 3 Day Raw Food Cleanse

How to feel better in just 3 days!

The 3 Day Raw Food Cleanse is a guided introduction to eating raw that gives you a quick reset program for your whole body.


This cleanse is designed to ‘rest’ your liver and other major organs from the intense process of digestion, and give the body a chance to repair tissue and cells and rid the body of toxins and waste just by feeding the body a good supply of raw nutritious material.

Feel lighter, healthier, clearer and revive your inner beauty!

  • Reset your bad food habits
  • Rest your organs from alcohol, caffeine, sugar, animal proteins, processed foods and other toxins
  • Improve your digestion
  • Stop bloating and constipation
  • Boost your immunity
  • Lose weight
  • Think clearly
  • Look fresh with radiant glowing skin and bright eyes

You will not feel hungry, in fact, you will be pleased how satisfied you feel and how little you crave.

The program includes:

Guided Day-by-Day Plan

Be guided by creator Mandy Keillor every step of the way with a combination of videos and PDF downloads for every stage as you learn how to cleanse your body and reset your habits with raw food in only 3 days.

Measurement Chart

Track your progress with your easy-to-use measurement chart.

Basic Shopping List

Download your easy guide for what to shop for prior to starting your cleanse.

Foods Not Allowed

Know exactly what you can not eat on your cleanse! And importantly, what you can do!’

Kitchen Equipment

Understand what equipment or utensils you need in your cupboards to prepare your raw food meals.

Choice of 3 Calorie Counted Raw Food Menus

We all need different amounts of calories to keep up our energy.

Choose from 3 delicious calorie-counted menus with specifically created raw food recipes to suit your needs for 1200, 1500 or 2000 calories.

5 Raw Food Bonus Recipes

Inspiring bonus recipes to make your raw food eating a tastier experience!

Bonus 3 Day Maintenance Plan

You might not want to stop once you get started! Extend your cleaning experience with a bonus 3-day maintenance plan.

This program will never expire!

Only 15 kits available globally!

The practitioners:

Natalia Laing

Founder, Pilates Master & Healer

Natalia began her career in Pilates in 1996 while training and working with her sister Melissa Laing, trained herself by Pilates guru Alan Herdman in London, when she opened the first Pilates studio in their hometown of Adelaide in South Australia, and gained her full qualifications from the Australian Pilates Method Association in 1999.

She started dancing at the age of 2, trained and worked as an actor and enjoyed a successful modelling career but her passion was dance and she became a professional contemporary dancer graduating from the Adelaide College of the Arts in 2004.

In 2005 she moved to Barcelona with her wife and business partner Mandy Keillor where they founded the renowned Health and Wellness centre Studio Australia Barcelona in 2006.

A passion for healing people

Wear and tear on her body from years of dancing have left Nat with serious back issues and degeneration however this has given her a unique insight into the rehabilitation, stabilisation and ongoing maintenance of the body to maintain a pain-free life.  She is a specialist in back rehabilitation, especially disc herniations.

With these years of experience as well as ongoing continuous study about how the body can heal, Natalia has developed her own method of rehabilitative Pilates.

She combines this knowledge with myofascial release, trigger point therapy and energy work, including Reiki.  She has an accomplished unique “toolbox” of healing practices that she uses to repair, restore and relieve pain in her clients.

Her passion is to heal, and empower people to understand how to care for their bodies with exercise and holistic health.

Mandy Keillor

Founder, author, creator of Face Pilates® and Wellness Expert

A pioneer in the holistic health and wellness industry, entrepreneur Mandy Keillor has forged a unique niche in complementary health as co-founder and director of Studio Australia Barcelona.

Mandy is the author of The Detox Journey.  This book is a 14-day guide to a healthy eating and cleansing program for you to do in your own home.

She teaches people to understand how to have a balanced lifestyle through detox, understanding their metabolisms and how the foods they eat have a profound effect on their body, emotional state of mind, physical wellbeing and longevity.

As a former competitive bodybuilder, Mandy works together with Natalia in the Pilates & Wellbeing Program sharing her knowledge of how to shape and tone the body with weight training and Barre Pilates.

A specialist in creating personalised diet and nutrition programs Mandy also inspires members with healthy seasonal recipes!

Join Natalia & Mandy today!

What our members say:

I love the convenience.

“I have never done Pilates in person.  I’ve only ever done it with you online.

I never stick to anything I do and start up things all the time, I’ve stuck with this and I just love it!

I love the convenience.  I can just do it at home, even when I’m having a tired day!”


My body has completely transformed.

“I love the surprise elements of all the new exercises combined with the fundamental Pilates basics in classes.

My body has completely transformed.  I have had to change my entire wardrobe…in a good way!”


For the price it's extraordinary.

“The way Natalia plans all the exercises…they compound…they build and build.

Being on the mat has been extra challenging.  So the combination has increased my strength and flexibility.

For the price it’s extraordinary.”


I’m a huge fan of your online classes!

“The greatest thing about this program is that you get to do the live classes then you can go back and top up with the repeat classes from the library.

Priceless for someone who loves Pilates.”


Get your Pilates & Wellbeing Kit!

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