Pregnancy relaxation to connect with your baby

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It’s so easy, particularly at the end of pregnancy, to rush around getting everything ready for the baby, so much that we forget to spend time just enjoying this unique time and connecting with our babies.

There is also plenty of research to show that bonding with our babies begins while they’re still in the womb, so taking some time to connect with your baby is one of the best ways to prepare for their arrival.

Esther Jones been working as a Hypnobirthing practitioner since 2007.

As a Mum of three and a business woman she understands how hard it is to take care of yourself and preparing for child birth into tight schedules can be.

This 5-minute relaxation is designed by Esther so that you can take just a few moments every day to connect with your baby.


Guided 5-minute relaxation

This is a short relaxation that you can use any time that will help to lead you inside to your baby, and to your birthing space, that deeply wise and intuitive part of you that knows exactly how to give birth.

Gently close your eyes.

Notice all the little muscles in and around your eyes. If they’re holding any tension, just relax them.

You may feel your eyelids get heavier.

Taking your attention now up to your forehead, and letting any little worry lines just fade away.

Now let this relaxation drift down and around your cheeks, your mouth and all the rest of your facial muscles, as you release and go deeper.

Allow all tension in your jaw to melt away.

Place your tongue behind your front upper teeth, now, and let your lower jaw relax and recede.

Just feel it all melt away...

Feel the relaxation now drifting in and around your shoulders and you give yourself permission to allow your shoulders to sink into the frame of your body.

As your shoulders go limp and loose, your arms, your elbows, your wrists and your hands also become loose and limp.

Your entire upper body, now, becomes perfectly relaxed.

Now, take a slow breath in through the nose.  Breathing in, relax.

Then, just breath out through the nose, imagining the breath flowing all the way down through your body to the soles of your feet.

Breathing out any stress or tension.  Just feel it all melt away.

And breathing in again, and as you breathe out, feel your shoulders sinking into the frame of your body.


Appreciate how good it feels to just relax.

Letting go of everything that’s going on. Pregnancy can be a beautiful time and it can also be a time of lots of contrasting emotions and physical sensations. Right now you’re going to put aside any worries, challenges, or things you need to do and just dedicate this space to you and your baby.

Connect with your baby...

If you like, you can place your hands on your belly.

Connecting with your baby.

Maybe you can feel them moving around, maybe they’re calm or asleep.

Just feel their presence, protected and nourished in the uterus.

And take a moment to appreciate the incredible job your body is doing, creating this new little being.

How perfectly designed this process and your body are.

Whilst you go about your day to day planning your baby’s birth, your body is working with confident ease.

Every minute of every day, the umbilical cord is carrying oxygen, vitamins and minerals from the placenta to your baby, ensuring that your baby develops and grows just as they should.

All your thinking mind can do is look on in awe at your body’s innate wisdom.

Just as your wise body knows how to nourish your baby, so it will know how to birth them into the world.

And, your baby will play their own part in this dance of birth that you’ll create together.

Surround your baby with love

Let’s take a breath in, filling the belly with breath, surrounding your baby with love.

Perhaps there’s something you’d like to tell your baby.

How much you’re looking forward to meeting them, how you’re preparing to bring them into the world in as gentle a way as possible.

Just take a moment to enjoy this unique and precious connection.

And, whenever you feel complete, just come gently back to the room, opening your eyes when you feel ready.


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