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Promoting Healing with Foot Reflexology

What is Foot Reflexology?

Reflexology is a traditional therapeutic technique.

For more than 5000 years, this treatment has been practiced in countries such as India, China and Egypt.

How does it work?

Reflexology uses channels or energy lines via pressure points in the foot that connect with certain organs in the body.  The main goal is to achieve balance in the whole body in order to prevent disease and promote correct functions.  Simply put, Reflexology helps stimulate organ function which contributes to the prevention of illness and restoration of health, thus improving the body’s capacity to self-heal and regenerate.

It is the perfect complementary healthcare technique to support other holistic or mainstream practices as it is based on the elimination of toxins from the body, which promotes healing.

Mariantonietta Molines is a regular client of our Reflexologist Raul Morelli in her words…

“Raul is a great professional in every way.  Besides being very polite and generous, his sessions are authentic.  And I can vouch for its therapeutic benefits because I suffer from very painful night cramps in the feet and legs due to medication I am taking.  I found nothing was working to help me but with the foot reflexology treatment Raul has been giving me, after each session….I go away ecstatic!!  A treat for the body and the spirit!!”

If you have any more questions about how Reflexology might help your well being or would like to book a session of Reflexology please contact us.

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