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Reiki for Stress Relief

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Reiki may not be one of the first “go to” methods you might think of to relieve the stress in your week, but it just may be a practice you should consider trying?

Many of our clients book in a Reiki session on a Friday afternoon just to balance themselves to enjoy the weekend and forget the challenges of the week.

But not everyone knows what Reiki even is!

If you are one of those people here is a brief description of the practice, how it’s done and a few other common questions about the treatment.

How is Reiki done?

When it comes to relaxation and relieving stress this is a natural and safe option for healing your body, your emotions, mind and spirit.

Reiki is a hand’s on method and the client is full dressed. The treatment can be done lying down on a massage table or seated in a chair.  It is important that you are comfortable.  Most sessions last an hour.

Typically a practitioner will start by scanning your body with their hands and use their intuition to feel “hot spots” that need healing.  Reiki energy is smart and it knows where to go!  They will then generally follow a series of hand positions over the entire body starting at the crown of the head.

This series of hand positions relate to the 7 different Chakra points in the body.  You can liken these points to an energetic road map of the body.  When the Chakras are blocked they stop the Qi (pronounced Chi) energy of the body from flowing and this can create dis-ease or illness in the body, low energy levels and stress.  It is similar to the points and energy lines that acupuncture uses to unblock Qi and return the body to a balanced healthy state to repair and heal itself.  Instead of using needles the practitioner allows the healing energy to flow through their hands to do the work.

Do I have to believe in Reiki?

Being open to allowing yourself to change and be healed by Reiki are key components to the depth and effect of the treatment but it is not necessary for the person being treated to believe in anything religious or spiritual.

What are the other benefits of Reiki?

Reiki is one of the few therapies we can use when we are treating our patients who are recovering from cancer treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation because of its’ gentle healing properties.  It gives the person a moment to have a state of deep relaxation to regain lost energy and supports the immune system relieving side effects and enhancing recovery.  It is a technique that is beneficial to all medical or therapeutic treatments.

Can I give myself Reiki?

You can also learn to give yourself Reiki!  Anyone can be shown the Reiki technique as it is transferred from a Reiki Master by way of “attunement” and opening up your own “life force energy” channels.  If you are interested in learning Reiki we would be happy to introduce you to our Reiki Master!

How will I feel when I do a Reiki session?

Most people tell us after their Reiki session that they feel relaxed and a sense of peacefulness.  Many look like a different person when they emerge from the treatment room!

At the least you give yourself 60 minutes to relax, release the stress you are carrying and be cared for in a calm, restful space.

At the best you will feel energized, euphoric, and you may even find yourself healed!

If you would like to speak more about Reiki or book a session please contact us.

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