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Top 6 Meditations and Mindfulness Practices

Following on from our sleep hygiene post, here are the top 6 recommendations from the Studio Australia Barcelona community we promised! Contact us if you have any question about Mindfulness.

2. Dr. Hamer's Original Song for Healing (1 hour) - Recommended by Mariantonieta Molines

Mariantonieta says

Dr. Hamer’s music reunites you with your spiritual escence…it awakens your inner divine!  And as you’re listening, little by little, a great sense of peace and total trust in life encompasses you. 

Dr. Hamer’s Original Song for Healing

3. Getting into the Vortex - Recommended by Natalia Laing

Natalia says…

This meditation always brings me positive reinforcement and a feeling that everything is ok, no matter what’s going on.

Abraham Hicks Meditation

4. Yoga Nidra - Recommended by Lucie Gardiner

Lucie says…

Even after the most stressful days, this Yoga Nidra allows me to relax completely, drift off to sleep & wake energized and happy.

Yoga Nidra

5. Headspace - Recommended by Barrie McCullouch

No comment from the big boy!  He just likes this helpful App that has quickly become one of the most popular Mindfulness and Meditation tools!

Headspace App – iTunes

6. How to Meditate by Pema Chodron - Recommended by Samantha Schultz

Sam says…

I appreciate the central purpose of meditation in Chodron’s view, which is not about becoming immune to or calmly learning to ignore challenging thoughts or emotions, but to train the mind to deal with whatever life entails.

How to Meditate – Pema Chodron

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