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Vietnamese Cold Rolls

A great detox dinner appetizer!

So you think detox food is boring?  No en mi casa!

A few weeks ago we had a few friends to dinner. What we didn’t tell them was it was only going to be detox food.

We wanted to prove a point.  Detox food can be tasty!  Detox food can be satisfying!  Detox food is healthy but not boring!

And guess what?

They LOVED it!

The wine obviously helped!  But the food was nothing like they imagined detox cuisine to be like.

Not all detoxes or detox food has to be about apples, carrots, juice fasts and being deprived!

Detoxing is a gift to your body.

You need to care about the food you put in your body.  You need to plan, to shop in advance, to be motivated and to care.

One of the tricks is to learn how to prepare this food in an imaginative way. It should be fun not a chore. Get on line.  Bookmark some sites that you like the look of.

Our aim is to always make them simple, easy to make and easy to get the ingredients.

Our complete Detox Dinner menu

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