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You exercise your body so why don’t you exercise your face?

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There is no difference between health & beauty

Founder Mandy Keillor developed Face Pilates® to offer you a natural alternative to keeping your face healthy, lifted and maintain your beauty and youthful looks.  Fundamentally she believes that there is no difference between health and beauty. They go hand in hand.

The routine is a series of 40 fundamental exercises using the tested principals of Pilates that teach you how to work the muscles and stimulate the skin of your face using your fingers and facial expressions.

The exercises are clinically proven to lift and rehabilitate the 43 muscles of the face, improve skin texture, gain tone, lift the muscles, reduce fine lines over time and maintain brain-to-nerve-to-muscle control.

In one session you can see the changes.

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Benefits of Face Pilates®

Training the facial muscles to perform at their optimum

We are accustomed to working the muscles of our bodies, for strength, definition, to stay healthy and to feel our best, but there is no established culture for the face.

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Immediate Visible Results

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Targeted Anti Ageing

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Affirmation to yourself

Face Pilates®

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Our clinically proven routines based on the principals of Pilates work the muscles of the face to increase blood circulation, lift the muscles, improve skin condition, relieve stress and leave you feeling relaxed and revitalised. Immediately!

Face Anatomy

Finding the Muscle Insertions for your Face

Using the principals of Pilates, in our classes we teach you to identify and isolate the muscles on your face and neck and use a combination of breathing, stretching, repetitive pulsations and massage to ‘workout’ your entire face.

When you do a Face Pilates® class we teach you a little about-face anatomy and muscle insertions for your particular face and face shape and focus on those areas you wish to lift and improve.  After the first few sessions, you will learn where to make contact with the muscles with your fingers and relax the muscles you are not working and this will give you better results. You just need to get to know your own face.

It is exactly like your body.

"…at fifty you get the face you deserve.”

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Face Pilates®

The best time to start Face Pilates®

As experts we are often asked the question “When is the best time to start Face Pilates®?”  The most common age for people to start to practice facial exercises is between the ages of 30 and 50.

Good news is the sooner you start the better the results!

Five practical reasons you should be doing Face Pilates 10 minutes every day:

  • Collagen production is increased and skin condition improved.
  • Muscles are developed creating lift.   Like when you work your bicep.
  • It’s relaxing and removes tension from the face.
  • You enhance and improve the look of your face in just a few minutes.
  • It is a natural way to combat ageing.

"…at fifty you get the face you deserve.”

Coco Channel

Lengthening Facial Muscles

When doing Pilates exercises we lengthen the muscles, relax and stretch the body. As we get older our muscles shorten.  This is why our postures change with age.

Stretching and Pilates can correct or influence this.

Lengthening the facial muscles is the same principal.

If we are tense our facial muscles are shortened because of our ‘facial posture’ and then once we relax they release and this stresses our ligaments and skin tissue.

This is what causes the sagging as we age.

Relaxing the muscles and lengthening them with Face Pilates will allow the ligaments to heal themselves, staying healthy and toned.

The Face Pilates® Mission

To give the world a natural alternative to our faces ageing early

Detox from Botox

These days we have see an increase in people turning to unnatural solutions to maintaining their looks with surgery, Botox and fillers.

These options can be costly, temporary and at times risky.

Face Pilates® is a far kinder, natural and less expensive sustainable alternative and there’s no risk of going too far.

It is also a safe method to use even if you insist on having other enhancements!

Why not detox from Botox with Face Pilates®?

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Meet our team

An international team of Pilates professionals

Combined, our talented team has more than 75 years of Pilates teaching. We are distinct in our training, skills and expertise. This gives our clients the opportunity to have the ideal balance of variety, care and diversity in their Pilates programs.

Pilates & Healing

A tailored program to suit your needs

Whether you are looking for a way to get and keep fit, wanting to change your lifestyle habits or need some care to repair or rehabilitate your body we create tailored programs to suit your needs.