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Get your seek peak! Stay fit, prepare for birth and recover well with Pregnancy Pilates, HypnoBirthing and nutrition.

Specialist health and healing practitioners we, as a combined team, have been caring for pregnant women and their birth partners for over 50 years! Our approach is holistic, personal, caring and proven.

What you will get in your sneak peek program:

  • Welcome to HypnoBirthing.
  • How the uterus works.
  • Using your breath.
  • Mp3 audio file facial relaxation.
  • Fundamental Pilates class:  Pelvic floor exercises for a better birth and recovery.
  • Weight gain and body image:  Normal weight gain.
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What our clients say...


A delivery, exactly how I dreamed of...

“I had a WONDERFUL delivery, exactly as I had dreamed of … and without a single point 🙂 I put into practice everything I learned with you, I fully entered my world a few weeks before and the truth is that it helped me a lot. We use visualizations, mantras … everything!”



The best decision

Pilates with Natalia was the best decision taken during my pregnancy. 

I’ve started from the first month till the last week that I gave birth.   Natalia each month adapted the exercise to my needs and to my growing belly.  All the work that we did before and during the pregnancy with the pelvic floor helped me to have a perfect birth and not having issues. 

If I get pregnant again I won’t hesitate to work with Nat every week during the 9 months.



No epidural, just the breathing techniques you taught us.

“I was lucky enough to have a pain free birth.  My waters broke at 7cm (I didn’t know I was in labour). It was then 5.5 hrs until he was born and I managed with no epidural just the breathing techniques you taught us. 

The breathing definitely helped me as well as your description of how the muscle worked. Also for me personally the description of labour being “intense” not “painful” was very useful.”

Bliss and Ben


Profound knowledge of a woman's body

When I got pregnant I knew how important it would be to get physically strong and tmy body trained for the birth and for my postbirth recovery. 

Natalia works with a profound knowledge of a woman’s body during the pregnancy and the personalised work assures you the best training and confidence that you won’t do anything that may be not suitable for the baby.



I was able to feel strong and confident

I am so grateful to Studio Australia Barcelona for taking such fantastic care of my mind, body and soul throughout my first pregnancy and postpartum.

With their help, I was able to feel strong and confident throughout my entire pregnancy & recover seamlessly from my emergency c-section. They honestly helped me get into better shape than I was prior to being pregnant!

I would highly recommend their program to every pregnant woman!!



We also did the HypnoBirthing course

I needed a routine, and I had already practiced Pilates so I knew it would help me to maintain my posture, my core muscles and release the sore parts of my body.

I enjoyed the whole experience of feeling  pampered!

Each session is tailored and adapted to each stage of your pregnancy.

Because I wanted another  natural birth, I also went for a holistic program. We also did the HypnoBirthing course, which was a privileged moment where we could focus on the arrival of our second baby.



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