Reduce stress and anxiety with acupressure

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Get immediate results when treating anxiety and stress with acupressure.

Although acupuncture is a treatment that requires a specialised health professional to insert needles in specific points of your body, you can a also learn, guided by an expert practitioner, how to apply acupressure (using a ball) on specific points on the acupuncture channels, to treat yourself.

To learn more you first need to understand that when you are working on these acupuncture points you are actually tapping in into Chi or bio electricity, which is the force of your being.

Based on your signs and symptoms a personalised management program can be created to regulate your biorhythms by tonifying (increase the available energy of a bodily part or system) or dispersing specific acu-points bringing immediate results.

We offer both online and in person treatments and programs to suit your needs.

Symptoms that can manifest from stress and anxiety

Since the body has an innate wisdom to let us know what is going on inside, when stress and anxiety become chronic certain signs and symptoms of Chi imbalanced would be already showing.

Such symptoms can be:

  • agitation
  • muscle stiffness
  • shortness of breath
  • shaking hands
  • jaw rigidity
  • headaches
  • period disorders
  • impotence
  • lack of libido
  • indigestion
  • insomnia
  • forgetfulness
  • lack of concentration
  • pain

Yes, pain!

Read in detail about how acupressure works!

Treatment menu

In person or online

By unwrapping the Chi flow, restoring optimum functioning to compromised tissues, balancing and integrating the body, we help it reclaim its full strength and natural wisdom. 



  • SOS Immediate Stress Release Online Session – 90 min
  • Personal Stress and Anxiety Management Kit, an online 4 sessions course (60 min each) on how to apply acupressure (using a tennis ball and positioning) on specific channel points and in the correct order, tailor made for you.

See below for full session and kit descriptions!

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SOS Immediate Stress Release Online Treatment

Bringing you back to your centre

This online treatment is especially designed for those people who feel that they are at the end of their tether, on the edge or who have lost connection with life.

90 minutes online session

This single session is an intensive 90 minute online treatment.

It focuses on specific IGung movements that are associated with the self-tonification of key acupuncture points of the body that produce immediate and significant therapeutic effects.

It is actually a rescue towards energetic and homeostatic balance.

It automatically act on the parasympathetic nervous system, regulating breathing, digestion and calming the mind.

You will be surprised of how much tension you hold!

Cost:  125 euros

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Personal Stress and Anxiety Management Kit

Return to calmness, regain your centre and cultivate your well-being. 

A unique tool that you learn and have forever.  A kit for those who really want to learn how to manage their stress and anxiety levels.

Online course of 4 sessions x  60 minutes 

In oriental medicine to be at the centre is to be at “home”, at the point of stability where our metabolism and psyche are in dynamic balance, providing us with primary existential nourishment.

In the tailored 4 sessions you learn, step by step, key strategies that will give you immediate and significant therapeutic results.

By learning the internal IGung movements, associated with self-tonification of specific acupuncture points, you will become able to restore, all by yourself, energetic and homeostatic balance in your body.

Automatically regulating your breath, digestion and calming your mind.

When we rescue our “primary nutrition” and return to the house (our centre), we feel free and can enjoy life again.

Support material included:

PDF of the exercise manual, points location and guideline for continued practice.                                              

Cost:  280 euros

Gift this kit to yourself or someone you care for

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