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Boost immunity and exercise your colon with colon hydrotherapy treatments


Explaining a Colon Hydrotherapy Treatment

Just in case you do not know what Colon Hydrotherapy is we should explain.  A Colon hydrotherapy treatment is the practice of a safe and gentle infusion of water into the large intestine to improve muscle tone and cleanse the colon. At Studio Australia Barcelona this is done via gravity in the presence of a professionally trained and experienced therapist.

A hydro gym session for your insides!

The colon is a tube of ‘smooth’ muscle just like that of your heart or lungs that needs to be toned to stay in shape just like other any muscles of the body. The other fact is that these muscles move involuntarily mixing the digest contents to assist absorption.  If your colon is poorly toned this can lead to constipation, trapped wind (bloating), headaches, tiredness, poor skin, weight gain, bad breath and poor digestion.

Colon hydrotherapy is a hydro-gym session to get your colon back in shape.

“We recommend during fasting, detox or cleansing to clear the colon with a colon hydrotherapy treatment as this helps to reduce or avoid symptoms of detoxification such as headaches, tiredness, aches and pains.”

Mandy Keillor

Disorders benefitting from colon hydrotherapy treatments

In our clinic we treat many people who suffer mood disorders like depression, panic attacks, anxiety, ADD, arthritis, allergies, eczema and asthma. It is known that these issues are linked with inflammation, intestinal permeability and disruption of intestinal micro-flora.

Clients who have Irritable Bowel Syndrome, parasites, Lyme disease and chronic fatigue have also benefitted from our colon hydrotherapy treatments.

Our clinic also welcomes clients who have been requested by their health practitioner to have a colon hydrotherapy treatment as part of their preparation prior to having a colonoscopy.

Amanda Spring

Colon Hydrotherapy Specialist at Studio Australia Barcelona

Colon Cleanse Treatment Plan

What happens when you have a colon hydrotherapy treatment?

Before the treatment

Amanda Spring will show you to the treatment room and ask you to:

Undress from the waist down and cover yourself with the towel provided.  If you are wearing socks you can leave them on if you prefer.

Once you enter the treatment room lie FACE UP / BOTTOM DOWN on the treatment bed with your head on the cushions.

In the treatment

When you are in the treatment you will be asked to roll on to your left side and bring your knees up towards your chest.

A small single lubricated nozzle (called a speculum) is introduced into the anus.  This will feel a little strange the first time. Do not hesitate to let Amanda know if there is any discomfort.

It takes a moment for Amanda to connect the tubing to the speculum. One tube carries water from the tank via the speculum into the colon. The other takes water and waste from the colon via the speculum into the drain and in a closed system.

Fill, empty or flush

You will stay on your left side whilst warm filtered water is gently introduced into the colon.

Water will either:

FILL the colon (water enters but does not exit), which you can feel as gentle pressure particularly around the anus.
EMPTY from the colon (water exits only)
FLUSH out the colon (water enters and exits at the same time)

Amanda will speak to you throughout the treatment guiding you through it.

How a typical treatment goes

The treatment will start with a series of momentary fills and flushes.

Once the colon has become familiar with the sensation of this you will be asked to turn over once again on to your back. To do this Amanda will move your right foot slightly so that the tubes are between your legs. Then using your feet you raise your bottom off the couch, turn and relax down again. Amanda will take care to ensure that there is no movement of the speculum as you turn.

Amanda will continue using fills and flushes until the colon is ready to receive longer fills as the more water that can enter the colon at one time the more effective the treatment.  At no time should you strain to allow more water in.

Your colon is 5 feet long!

The colon is around 5 feet long and can easily accept 2 liters of water.

Amanda will tell you when she is going to do a longer fill during which there will come a point when you experience a sense of ‘fullness’, pressure or discomfort.

Always let Amanda know when you reach this point by telling her ‘FULL’.

Often the sensation of ‘fullness’ subsides after a few moments and Amanda will wait to see if this occurs. If it does then more water is introduced until the sense of ‘fullness’ returns. If it does not then the water will be allowed to empty with any waste.

Massage and Reflexology for Release

During the treatment Amanda will massage various parts of your colon through your abdomen. This will either stimulate or relax the colon muscle to release and clear stool or gas.

Amanda may also use reflex points on various parts of your feet for the same purpose.


When stool clears you will have the familiar sense of wanting to have a bowel movement as you would if you were on the toilet. During the session relax and allow the stool to flow just like you would on the toilet.


When gas is trapped or wind clears, it can feel like indigestion.

Breathe DEEPLY to relax yourself and allow the tension to pass.

Often there will be a point in the treatment when you will feel a significant ‘shift’ followed by a sense of deep release and relaxation.

Finishing up

When the treatment comes to an end Amanda will ask you to roll on to your left side again. The speculum is gently removed. This can also feel a little odd!

Amanda will move to one side to allow you to get off the couch.  Take your time when doing this or ask Amanda for help if you need it. Use the towel to stay covered up.

Go and sit on the toilet.  It is always better when emptying the bowel on the toilet to raise the knees higher than the hips.  Western style toilet seats are not designed for good bowel evacuation and can be a primary cause of constipation.

Squatting is the most natural position to empty the bowel. Either put your feet on a small step or move yourself back on the seat and perch your heels on the front. Allow yourself to empty. This may be water, air, stool or nothing.

When you have finished you can get dressed again and return to Amanda who will be waiting to speak about your treatment plan.

Experienced qualified practitioners

Be assured before you book your colon hydrotherapy treatment.

Whether you want to cleanse your colon, need support with a disorder or disease, are on a detox or cleanse we are here to support and discuss your needs. Every colon hydrotherapy session you have includes a consultation with experienced qualified practitioner.

Your path to wellbeing

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