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One of the tools a naturopathy practitioner may use to identify the current state of your natural health is Kinesiology.

Kinesiology is a diagnostic and treatment practice using muscle testing or muscle response testing so that the therapist can gain an insight with neurological feedback into how the muscles of your body respond.

The basis is that every organ dysfunction relates to a weakness in a corresponding muscle and from these tests they can source the cause of the symptoms producing your body’s distress.

Vial Testing

The body’s electromagnetic signature

Applied kinesiology (AK) practitioners who are advanced in the method use a version of muscle testing using vials of different minerals, foods, herbs and other elements to test muscles that are weakened when the body’s energy field perceives that something is harmful or is strengthened when it perceived by the body that something is beneficial.

Somatic memory

The senses we use when we are doing vial testing are not like our regular senses, touch, smell, sight, hearing.  When we are learning to walk, ride a bike, dance or swim we use what is called our kinaesthetic sense.  This is learning with the practice of our biomechanical movement skills and these are permanently imprinted into our somatic memory.  The memory of the activity is in our cells.

Not only does the somatic memory store the history that we remember it stores every experience we have had since we were born, whether you consciously remember it or not.

You think about this information as energetic fields in your cells, organs, tissues and emotions.  We are all energy and this energy has it’s own subtle magnetic frequency which we recognise and react to.  It is a form of biofeedback.

It is the body’s electromagnetic signature that the Kinesiology therapist is testing for when they are using vial testing and muscle testing.

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