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Naturopathy in Barcelona

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Many people ask us how naturopathy works and how this type of natural medicine can help them to improve their health to restore balance and heal their body. Naturopathy is not just one therapy.  Instead your naturopath will use a combination of recognised natural healing treatments and techniques to give balance to your body the boost to your immune system to enhance the bodies powers to heal itself.

In many instances it is the last resort for people who have not been able to find relief in modern orthodox medicine.

Why use Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a complementary medical therapy that combines natural western and Chinese medicine practices such as homeopathy, massage, acupuncture as well as colon hydrotherapy and herbal medicine to prevent disease, treat and heal the body without the use of drugs.

Some of the symptoms you might have that naturopathy help you with include:

  • Lack of energy
  • Insomnia
  • General aches and pains
  • Inability to deal with day to day stress
  • Poor appetite and eating habits
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Skin disorders
  • Arthritis and autoimmune disorders

What does a naturopath do?

Treat your foundation with Naturopathy

The work of a good naturopath is to treat the foundation of a person.

The therapist will seek out the current physical state in which you the patient find yourself and not just focus on the symptoms causing you to feel unwell. They identify any chemical-nutritional, psycho-emotional, energetic and, or structural weaknesses that you might have.

These days we need to take into account both factors, endogenous, that is from within the cells or organs or exogenous, coming from outside the body, that can alter the foundation of the health of a person.

The environments in which we live are frequently full of chemicals that are found in our water, food, products we use and the air we breathe. These chemicals can be pesticides, insecticides, heavy metals and pollutants and may affect our bodies by manifesting as chronic illness, allergy and poor health. Most of our diets also contain preservatives. Just think about processed foods and refined sugars, alcohol, caffeine, tobacco, prescription or recreational drugs and artificial food additives that might
 be in your lifestyle.

These all have an accumulative effect on your health.

Treatments tailored to the individual

How do naturopathy practices work?

It’s important for you to know that the way we treat people is tailored to the individual.  To start with everyone is offered a complementary consultation either in person or on the phone to discuss the issues they have and what they want to achieve with their treatment program.

From this consultation we can direct the person to the best practitioners to suit their needs.

As professionals we work as a team so if we believe that the client needs to see or speak to another practitioner to progress to achieve the best results for the person we will discuss and recommend alternative or a collaborative approach.

Sometimes a client only needs to see a practitioner once to solve a certain issue but needs help with other problems that are contributing to the body not being in balance to heal.

For example we might recommend a course of homeopathy but know that the body is blocked in energy in a certain part and needs massage or acupuncture to restore the flow to the body.

Naturopathy practices at Studio Australia Barcelona

Complementary health practices to care for your body

The right combination of practices to heal

Experienced holistic practitioners use a range of different techniques when treating people for different ailments and problems. Everyone’s body reacts differently to alternative treatments and sometimes you need a combination of practices to get the healing results.

It is a holistic approach to healing.  Generally there is not just one fix to a problem.

Our goal is to repair the body and give you the right understanding of how your body heals and with what practices it heals the best so that you can maintain a balance throughout your life.

• Acupuncture • Massage • Colon Hydrotherapy • Diet & Nutrition • Herbal Medicine • Homeopathy • Kinesiology • Detox

Naturopathy Tools

Kinesiology and Naturopathy

One of the tools a naturopathy practitioner may use to identify the current state of your natural health is Kinesiology.

Kinesiology is a diagnostic and treatment practice using muscular testing or muscle monitoring so that the therapist can gain an insight into how the muscles of your body responds to identify the different imbalances of you might have.  From this they can find the cause of the symptoms producing your body’s distress.

More than often the therapist will recommend a modification of your diet or even a detox program.

Follow Up Consultation with your Naturopath

Once you have finished your first program recommended by your naturopathy therapist you will have another Kinesiology diagnostic test or consultation to establish how your body has come back into balance and if you need any supplements of nutrients, vitamins, trace minerals and essential fatty acids.

This second phase is imperative to ensure that we maintain a good state of cellular health and will enable your body to continue to heal.

It is good to have a follow up consultation with your naturopath between 4 and 8 weeks after you’re your last session.  This give you time to see how the treatment is working and it is a good amount of time for the practitioner to assess the results.

Of course should you have any questions or need to speak sooner we are there to help!

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Your path to wellbeing with Naturopathy

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