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Relieve your emotional stress and find deep relaxation with Reiki

Recover with Reiki

Therapeutic State of deep Relaxation

As wellness professionals we offer Reiki as a treatment to care for our client’s bodies, souls and minds when they are suffering from emotional stress, loss or upset, being challenged by diseases or pain.  We can say that our experience is always very rewarding if not at times profound.

Reiki and conventional medicine

We do not believe Reiki is a substitute for conventional medical treatments however it is now accepted globally and offered in many hospitals to patients especially those who are undergoing cancer treatment as it is widely believed that Reiki is good therapy for the acceleration of the healing processes and support of the immune system.

Reiki at our center in Barcelona is a way for people to find a real therapeutic state of deep relaxation in a safe comforting environment that enables them to rest and recover with a simple touch of the Reiki practitioner’s hands.

“Every thought and experience you’ve ever had in your life gets filtered through these chakra databases. Each event is recorded into your cells.”

Caroline Myss. Anatomy of the Spirit (1996)

Cancer Care Reiki

Mariantonieta’s Story

“It is difficult to explain in a few lines the profound and inexpressible gratitude that having Reiki has given me.

For many it may be astonishing that the “laying on of hands” can have healing effects. But if we stop to think that in moments of discouragement or pain the hug of a loved one or the pat on the shoulder of a friend, comforts us and mitigates our suffering, perhaps we can understand that Reiki is an exchange of beneficial and healthy energies. With this, it is not surprising that reliable scientific studies have shown the favourable effects of the doctor’s affable treatment to the patients he attends and, for example, with the simple touch of the doctor’s hands, the fever of the patient can decrease. So the easiest thing will be to explain my own experience with breast cancer that I have happily overcome.

An indelible memory I have about the treatment I had to undergo, is that I was much more afraid of chemotherapy than cancer itself. And it was not for nothing, each session progressively weakening my mood, feeling that my spirit wandered out of me, as if it did not belong to me …

In this state, Mandy and Natalia, supported me and programmed with care and dedication my daily sessions of Reiki, as therapy to attenuate the serious effects of the treatment.

Now that I have overcome cancer and the treatments, I can affirm with certainty that each Reiki session with Natalia, relieved my immense fatigue, reconnecting with me with my energy and enabled me to let go of the fear that oppressed me.

I feel privileged to have been able to benefit from such beautiful sessions in which Natalia, with her attention and dedication, creates and environment that harmonizes music, lighting and aroma, giving a sense of inner liberating harmony.

That is why I want to express my immense gratitude to Natalia and Mandy for their blessed and generous dedication that will remain in my memory as the best gift I have ever had. I love you!”

Mariantonieta Molines

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Finding your Reiki Practitioner

Natalia Laing

Director of Studio Australia Barcelona and Reiki practitioner Natalia Laing has a passion for giving Reiki!  Clients swear by her ability to channel energy and balance their bodies so that they can themselves overcome issues that may be blocking their lives and draining their own universal energy.

Issues Natalia particularly helps people with using Reiki as a therapy include preparing and caring for women who are using IVF to conceive, cancer patients who are in treatment and recovery, people who have experienced loss, trauma or are in pain.

You do not have to believe in Reiki for it to work but it is important that you have a good connection with your practitioner and they are reputable.

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