Introduction to Pilates Program

Your essential online induction to learning a unique Pilates method.

Private online & self-guided sessions

Be inducted personally live online by expert Natalia Laing and then learn her method with the 6 essential Pilates sessions in this fundamental limited release Introduction to Pilates Program. Affordable, great value and will never expire!


5 Top reasons to get the Introduction to Pilates Program!

  • You are on a budget but still want to work with the best in Pilates.
  • You would like to experience the uniqueness of the Studio Australia Barcelona Pilates method.
  • You are short on time and want to do fundamental quality Pilates sessions on demand.
  • You are ready to become a member of the exclusive private Pilates & Wellbeing Program.
  • You have injuries or other issues and want assurance that your body is safe when exercising.
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Fundamental Pilates information

What's in this program

Personalised induction to the Studio Australia Barcelona method of contemporary therapeutic Pilates.

Live online

Your program at Studio Australia Barcelona begins with a one-on-one 90 minute private session with Natalia Laing  via ZOOM.

Self-guided lessons

6 Part series of Natalia’s essential Pilates sessions to give you the fundamentals to enjoy this wonderful form of exercise or prepare you to join the Pilates & Wellbeing Program.

Video 1 – Stretch class.

Video 2 – How to use your core abdominal muscles.

Video 3 – Nat’s ‘fundamental back’ series.

Video 4 – Leg and glut focus class.

Video 5 – Using weights to shape and strengthen your body.

Video 6 – Full combination class.

This is a limited release program and will never expire!

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Live session

Meet your teacher Natalia Laing

During your 90 minute online introductory session with Natalia you will be introduced to her method of Pilates, which she has developed since 1996, and can best be described as contemporary therapeutic.  

She will do a postural assessment on your body and discuss with your history, as well as speak to you about any injuries or concerns you may have.  Natalia will also ask what you would like most to achieve from practicing Pilates.

During the session she will stretch out and work with your body so you learn to understand how your skeletal, myofascial and muscular systems are working.  She will also teach you her technique of breathing and you will learn about the fundamentals of how to use your pelvic floor and core abdominal muscles.

This session Natalia will give you the essential information to use the 6 part self-guided program to your advantage and give you a solid foundation to practice Pilates for the rest of your life!

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Limited membership

Pilates & Wellbeing Program

Private limited membership community for advanced Pilates enthusiasts!

Once you have completed your Introduction to Pilates Program you are then able to join our Pilates & Wellbeing Program.

What’s in this program

A unique approach to online teaching

We adapt and personalise every session to who is in class. To ensure this level of tailored service people have limited opportunity to join this special community and they must have completed the Introduction to Pilates Program unless they are previous S.A.B. Pilates trained.

  • Limited private access and membership.  Maximum 30 people.
  • 90 days of exclusive content only available to program members before public release.
  • 3 live ZOOM Pilates classes every week fully programed with class notification reminders.

Missed the session?  No problems, these classes are recorded and included in your easy to access library so you can do them at your leisure.

  • Links to our YouTube library of 100’s of Pilates videos including a diverse selection of our classic repertoire!
  • Synchronise your Google Calendar and iCalender for all live classes.
  • The platform is mobile and device friendly for easy viewing.
  • Nat’s ‘pick of the week’ class for that extra class you’re looking for.
  • Healthy food recipes to inspire you in the kitchen!
  • Tune into Nat’s Spotify playlist to enjoy all her music.
  • Inspirational quotes, movies and documentaries.

Less than 30€ a week!  (30 day subscription from when you join)

Join this exclusive Pilates Program!


I’m a huge fan of your online classes! 

“I’m a huge fan of your online classes! 

I did not think I could adapt from private face to face classes. 

I love them and I can do them over and over again!”



I love the surprise elements.

“I love the surprise elements of all the new exercises combined with the fundamental Pilates basics in the classes.”



I don't miss the equipment.

“I don’t miss the equipment.  Over all this is just another way to do Pilates and I’m enjoying it!”


A private limited membership community for advanced Pilates enthusiasts!

Contact us to become a member of the Pilates & Wellbeing Program

A virtual Studio Australia Barcelona experience you can enjoy every week! For just 25€ a week (30 day subscription from when you join), you can become part of our unique online community and experience a place where we all become stronger, fitter and form special bonds working out and doing Pilates together.

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