Personal Pilates with TRX

Improve personal performance with Pilates & TRX

Effective and Intelligent Fitness

Whether you are a professional or amateur athlete, someone who wants to increase their fitness or challenge your body, hate going to the gym but need to do some serious exercise, are a Mum who wants their body back after being pregnant or just want to get in shape so you can well and live longer, then our personal Pilates training with TRX needs to be an essential part of your lifestyle.

Creating a personal training routine to suit your needs is simple at Studio Australia Barcelona because we offer you a choice of practices from a carefully thought out menu of services that can be adapted to suit every body, shape and age group.

Once you’ve experienced your one on one 1.5 hour introductory session with Director Natalia Laing we will tailor a program to suit your needs working with our very talented group of Pilates, fitness and performance professionals.

Personalised Pilates & TRX Programs

It is our pleasure to offer TRX personal training as a complementary service to the Studio Australia Barcelona suite of Pilates practices.

Our team of exceptional Pilates practitioners have over 70 years experience in contemporary therapeutic Pilates, rehabilitation, cardio, strength, fitness and personal training.

TRX high intensity training is another tool we have to assist us to achieve your fitness goals.

Our intention is to get you there, effectively, intelligently, safely, in a sustainable manner and injury free!

Training and personal coaching sessions

Class options

Following your introductory session you can choose whether you would like to do shared classes or one on one personal coaching sessions.

What you can expect:

  • 60 minutes focused sessions
  • Personalised high(er) intensity Pilates
  • Using reformer, free weights, mat work & TRX
  • Strength and cardiovascular gains by using bodyweight and suspension training methods
  • Tailored exercise and movement program
  • Mentored coaching
  • Monitored results

Sessions are particularly tailored to people who are:

  • Already on the way to being fit but want to push to the next level
  • Have goals to be healthier in a safe, private, caring environment
  • Are post rehabilitation or have been in pain and are scared to physically move past that point
  • Want to strengthen their bodies with an intelligent exercise routine
  • Are athletes who want to complement their current training programs

You can trust us to give you the right advice as to the best class for your body.

These sessions are created solely to your needs.

Benefits of Pilates with TRX

Combining the intelligence of Pilates spring resistance with TRX suspension training is a proven way to increase your muscular endurance, challenge your core strength, burn calories and shape your body.

Exercise tools we use to train your body

Pilates Reformer

The Pilates reformer is probably the best known apparatus or piece of equipment designed by the creator of the Pilates method Joseph Pilates.  He developed the reformer while interned during WW1 in a prisoner of war camp on the Isle of Man when he worked as a nurse caring for the inmates who were bed bound.  To tone their muscles he used the bed springs for resistance and the idea for the reformer that we know today was born.

Using the reformer to work out a person’s body enables a practitioner to train them using varied spring resistance, to hone proper form and technique of the exercises, balance and align posture in each session, stretch and lengthen muscles and work hard with low risk of injury.

Free Weights

It is a proven fact that free weight training is a perfect complement to the body aging, fighting off and caring for osteoporosis, shaping and increasing muscle mass and giving us better metabolic health.

Combining sets of dumbbells or free weights in your Pilates and TRX training program gives the practitioner another opportunity to challenge or hit the muscle in a concentrated focused manner.

Mat Work

Many people resist mat work because they think it is boring, but getting up and down off the floor is essential for us to be able to move well and in time walk. Move it or lose it.

Using your own body with our exercises on the mat will teach you to create resistance that will fire up your entire body and core in a way that will challenge you from top to toe.  We will ensure your form, teach you about your own strength and test you to understand your ability showing us what we need to work on in every session together.


To complete the combination of tools we have the TRX (total body resistance exercise).  The wall mounted bracket enables the practitioner to train your body using your own body weight and gravity.

You’re not just hanging, you’re suspending, destabilising and creating resistance.  Sometimes you might be using straps on your feet and other times in your hands, fitness balls or other equipment to give an all over safe high intensity workout.

Meet our team

An international team of Pilates professionals

Combined, our talented team has more than 75 years of Pilates teaching. We are distinct in our training, skills and expertise. This gives our clients the opportunity to have the ideal balance of variety, care and diversity in their Pilates programs.

Your path to wellbeing

Contact us for your initial appointment

At Studio Australia Barcelona our focus is on every detail for your wellbeing. Contact us for information about our tailored Pilates, rehabilitation and wellness packages.

Pilates & Healing

A tailored program to suit your needs

Whether you are looking for a way to get and keep fit, wanting to change your lifestyle habits or need some care to repair or rehabilitate your body we create tailored programs to suit your needs.