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Our Barre Pilates® method has been developed by owner Mandy Keillor to give you an all over complete body routine by combining fitness and Barre Pilates exercises with high repetitions, static holds and pulses, repeated stretching, just a few ballet moves and S.A.B.’s own Pilates repertoire!

The intense exercise routines are a smart way to workout your body without the worry of injuries that other high-intensity exercise methods can cause.  All classes are tailored so instructors can adapt the routines to suit the individual.

Typical Class

Increase your metabolic rate and burn calories

A typical one hour class includes a short warm up to get your metabolism working and then we go into targeted upper body, abdominals, butt and legs session of Barre Pilates exercises using light hand weights and other props such as fitness balls and Therabands, your own body stamina and static holds to create an intensity that enables you to burn calories and increase your metabolic rate during the entire workout.

The best thing is as soon as you think you can’t do one more rep…we stretch and breathe it out!

Barre Pilates® is not just for the girls it’s also great for the guys!

“As a regular Pilates student I was not sure I needed to try Barre Pilates but, after just having started, I can say that it does give you something different; a much more cardio workout and, in a short space a time, some intensive all over training for your body. The high energy sessions are dynamic, motivating, geared to both men and women and, importantly, fun. As usual with Studio Australia, the instructor is great and the attention personal. It’s definitely worth challenging your body in this way and giving Barre Pilates a try.”


Online classes

An intelligent way to improve fitness with personal attention

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    A tailored program to suit your needs

    Whether you are looking for a way to get and keep fit, wanting to change your lifestyle habits or need some care to repair or rehabilitate your body we create tailored programs to suit your needs.

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    An international team of Pilates professionals

    Combined, our talented team has more than 75 years of Pilates teaching. We are distinct in our training, skills and expertise. This gives our clients the opportunity to have the ideal balance of variety, care and diversity in their Pilates programs.