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Everybody has their own individual shape and body characteristics and these can be mostly attributed to genetics.  We come in all shapes and sizes. Round, lean, muscular, thin, fat, short, slender, endowed, athletic, lazy or delicate.

When you come to our wellness center in Barcelona we work with you to highlight, shape and tone your body!

It is a fact that weight training is an essential part of the mix for a balanced well-shaped body.

Our method of body shaping is not about bulking up your muscles but about building them to suit your frame, caring for your posture and maintaining good form.

Most of us do not have the “perfect body” but at our studio, we understand how to train, develop, define muscles and reduce body fat necessary to shape the body in the right places to enhance the best of what we have.

The most important point:  How to connect your body and your mind so you can be happy with the body you have.

Personal Programs

Find your ideal shape

At Studio Australia Barcelona we create tailored personal training programs to help you to find your ideal shape and maintain your chosen body weight.

In each session you can expect the work out to combine Pilates exercises using specialist equipment and machines, free weights and floor exercises using your own body for resistance.

Confidence as you age

Prevent muscle loss

Body shaping enhances muscle strength, tone and helps you to maintain bone density, which by calorie restriction alone can cause a decline.  It increases your body’s functionality all round including flexibility, balance, stamina and is good for injury prevention.

Our goal is to give you confidence in your own body, especially as you age.  We want to empower you with your body shaping sessions to understand how weight resistance is an essential element in training your body and is fundamental for the prevention of disease and muscle loss.

Meet our team

An international team of Pilates professionals

Combined, our talented team has more than 75 years of Pilates teaching. We are distinct in our training, skills and expertise. This gives our clients the opportunity to have the ideal balance of variety, care and diversity in their Pilates programs.

Your path to wellbeing

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At Studio Australia Barcelona our focus is on every detail for your health and wellbeing. Contact us for information about our tailored Pilates, rehabilitation and wellness packages.

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, we are currently unable to consult as usual but we are able to care for you by appointment or online!

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your understanding.

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    Pilates & Healing

    A tailored program to suit your needs

    Whether you are looking for a way to get and keep fit, wanting to change your lifestyle habits or need some care to repair or rehabilitate your body we create tailored programs to suit your needs.