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Holistic Practices for Cancer Care

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Being diagnosed with cancer is frightening.

But we are here to help.

As a team we feel privileged to care for our clients who are undergoing or recovering from surgery, chemotherapy, radiation or hormone therapy as they go through the conventional medical treatment experience.

We are there to help by empowering people and their families to know that they do have choices on how they can best care for their bodies, minds and spirits to get relief from their symptoms as they regain their health.

We treat our clients with accepted non-invasive, safe, natural holistic health therapies in a beautiful nurturing environment to support them through the physical and emotional challenges of cancer treatment and recovery.


Coping with breast cancer

We are not able to cure cancer but we are able to give you relief and help you on your healing journey to survive cancer.

“My Reiki and Pilates sessions with Natalia were key in helping me cope and beat my breast cancer. The moment I walked in, I instinctively just knew that they had my back and would help me through it and they did! “


Pilates for Cancer Care

Pilates is one of the few recommended forms of exercise for people to do while they are being treated by conventional medical methods because it is a diverse method.  As experienced trained practitioners we can adapt each session to suit individual clients and how they are feeling on the day.

It is important to keep exercising and moving the body so you can remain strong when you are being treated for cancer as one of the side effects from chemotherapy and radiation can be osteoporosis.

The springs of the Pilates equipment give us the perfect and safe way to create resistance and weight-bearing exercise routines that are central for maintaining bone density.

Pilates is especially important when having breasts or lymph nodes removed as these exercises help to keep the fascia and scar tissue supple and encourage the lymphatic system to function.

Although we use specific exercises when caring for our client’s post-surgery we recommend that they see a lymphatic specialist after surgery to understand the daily exercises they should do themselves to avoid lymphedema.

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Recovering with Reiki and Pilates

A few months after having undergone a mastectomy because of breast cancer, I met a friend who had gone through the same thing and that as I was with the treatment of drugs against cancer that produces side effects such as fatigue , joint pain, cramps, she recommended the Studio Australia.

I started with Reiki, I was weak physically and emotionally, after each session I felt better, little by little I was recovering energy.

After half a year, I started doing Pilates. It helped me a lot, especially in the mobility of the arm of the affected side, and also mentally.

It will be four years since the operation and I have not stopped going to my weekly appointment. They are very personalized classes, each session is focused as I feel that day, my body and my mind thank you.

Studio Australia has been and is a very important part in my recovery, I encourage women who go through my same situation to try the experience.


Reiki for Cancer Care

We regularly see first hand the effectiveness that the energy work of Reiki offers when we care for people with cancer. The gentle balancing gives the body it’s own time to rest and heal in a calm and relaxing environment.

Even for those people who do not understand or believe in energy work they feel the benefits of being cared for with this practice, especially when it comes to reducing stress.  Many people who are suffering with pain, anxiety, nausea, fatigue or insomnia while being treated find it difficult to make time for themselves and having the necessary moments of release and relaxation.

We have found that many people who have or are recovering from cancer do not have an opportunity to just be in the moment.  They are fighting not only for their lives but also for the ones they love and the affect their illness is having on all.

Regular Reiki sessions will give them this support.

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Overcoming the fear of cancer treatments

An indelible memory I have about the treatment I had to undergo, is that I was much more afraid of chemotherapy than cancer itself. And it was not for nothing, each session progressively weakening my mood, feeling that my spirit wandered out of me, as if it did not belong to me …

In this state, Mandy and Natalia, supported me and programmed with care and dedication my daily sessions of Reiki, as therapy to attenuate the serious effects of the treatment.

Now that I have overcome cancer and the treatments, I can affirm with certainty that each Reiki session with Natalia, relieved my immense fatigue, reconnecting with me with my energy and enabled me to let go of the fear that oppressed me.


The Studio Australia Barcelona Team

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Our specialist team is made up of experienced international professional practitioners whom have gained their knowledge and expertise through years of training and dedication to caring for their clients.

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