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Premium personalised Pilates classes & programs to care for your body!

Our focus is to keep you safe, out of pain and fit for life!

Pilates Master and co-founder Natalia Laing has been teaching Pilates since 1996. Her speciality is working with spinal injuries, rehabilitation and pregnancy, including multiple births. Whether you need to rehabilitate, are pregnant, are a beginner, an athlete, or just want to be challenged to your best ability we have classes that will suit your body and needs.

Live and self-guided online sessions

Classes and programs to suit your Pilates goals!

  • Introduction to Pilates session – A one-on-one 60 minute private session with Natalia.
  • Personalised Pilates classes – 60 minute session tailored to how you feel on the day!
  • Introduction to Pilates Program – The ultimate introduction to learning Pilates online.  (A prerequisite to join the exclusive Pilates & Wellbeing Program!)
  • Pilates & Wellbeing Program – Private limited membership group for advanced Pilates enthusiasts.
Our services are for the discerning Pilates fan!

Integrated proven Pilates method

7 good reasons why you should join our programs!

  1. Be taught by a veteran, third generation Pilates master who has been teaching since 1996.
  2. You will learn a world class diverse repoirtore.  You won’t get bored!  We are Australian trained and have been established in Europe from 2006.
  3. Specialists in rehabilitation, chronic conditions and spinal injury.
  4. All sessions are personalised and tailored to the individuals, including group classes!
  5. Find comraderie by joining a unique online community of Pilates enthusiasts.
  6. Feel safe, empowed and learn.  We focus on safety, form and teaching correct techniques that you will use for the rest of your life.
  7. We have fun!


S.A.B. client since 2008

To be honest, from a wellbeing stand point online has been fabulous because before I could only get away once a week to the studio, and the financial investment was also a consideration. The ability to be able to do Pilates 2 or 3 times every week has been monumental for my body. Elizabeth

Pilates essentials

Personalised induction to the Studio Australia Barcelona method of Pilates

Your program at Studio Australia Barcelona begins with a one-on-one 60 minute private session with Natalia Laing.

Before your session we will send you a personal information form via email to fill out so we are prepared for your session.

During your introductory session Natalia you will be introduced to her method of Pilates, which she has developed since 1996, and can best be described as contemporary therapeutic.  

She will do a postural assessment on your body and discuss with your history, as well as speak to you about any injuries or concerns you may have.  Natalia will also ask what you would like most to achieve from practicing Pilates.

During the session she will stretch out and work with your body so you learn to understand how your skeletal, myofascial and muscular systems are working.  She will also teach you her technique of breathing and you will learn about the fundamentals of how to use your pelvic floor and core abdominal muscles.

Following your introductory session we will develop a tailored program to suit your needs.

Start today for 95€

Make it personal

Treat yourself to one-on-one private classes

Pilates is a unique form of physical therapy that can improve your health and physical well being by toning, increasing flexibility, building core strength, strengthening muscles and rehabilitating with exercises that specifically teach awareness of breath, body, posture and alignment of the spine.  It is also a great way to relieve mental stress.

We make it our mission at Studio Australia Barcelona to create an oasis for your body, mind and spirit online.  It is your time.

Every 60 minute session is tailored to how you feel on the day.  Whether you need a good stretch out to release your muscles, want to work on specific areas of your body to repair, if you are pregnant, or you would prefer to do a hard workout and break a sweat we will adapt the session to suit you.

It’s a perfect treat to yourself and the way to make improvements to your body fast!

Price: 60 minute session is 130€

(Note:  An introductory session is a prerequisite unless you are already a S.A.B. Pilates client.)

Contact us to book a session


I have only ever worked with S.A.B. online!

The fact I have been able to stick to an exercise program so consistently since the start says it all. This is the first time in my life I have ever been able to. Madhur

Unique hybrid program

Introduction to Pilates

This unique hybrid program including both live online and self-guided lessons has been designed for the discerning Pilates client.  It is perfect for people who:

  • Are on a budget but still would like to work with some of the best instructors in Pilates globally.
  • Would like to experience the Studio Australia Barcelona method of Pilates where ever they are in the world.
  • Want to join our private Pilates & Wellbeing Program.

This program includes:

Live online

Introduction to Pilates session – A one-on-one 90 minute private session with Natalia via ZOOM.

Self-guided lessons

5 Part series of Natalia’s essential Pilates sessions to prepare you to join the Pilates & Wellbeing Program or give you the fundamentals to enjoy this wonderful form of exercise.

Video 1 – How to use your pelvic floor and core abdominal muscles.

Video 2 – Nat’s ‘fundamental back’ series.

Video 3 – Leg and glut focus class.

Video 4 – Using weights to shape and strengthen your body.

Video 5 – Full combination class.

This limited release program is great value and will never expire!

Get inducted now! 150€ 

Pilates & Wellbeing Program

Private limited membership group for advanced Pilates enthusiasts

The history

To appreciate being a member of this group you need to understand the history of how it began.  

After the announcement of COVID-19 lockdown in Barcelona on the 13th of March 2020 we knew we needed to find a way to continue to care for our very special and amazing clients.  Within 3 weeks we had created this program and started our regular ZOOM sessions every week.

It has been an amazing fun experience where we have all become stronger, fitter and formed a special bond through working out and doing Pilates together online all this time!

What we realised when people wanted to join the program was that we had all become so advanced that to join was a challenge!

So we have created the Introduction to Pilates Program to induct our new members and once you have completed this you can get online with us and join a special group of Pilates enthusiasts.

What it includes:

  • Limited private access to the Pilates & Wellbeing Program.  Maximum membership is 30 people.

We adapt and personalise every session to who is in class. To ensure this level of service we have limited the program membership.

  • 90 days of exclusive content only available to members before public release.
  • 2 live ZOOM Pilates classes every week tailored to all attendees. 

Missed the session?  No problems, these classes are included in your easy to access library so you can do them at your leisure.

  • Library of 100’s of Pilates videos including a diverse selection of our classic repertoire!

–  Intermediate Pilates classes

– Advanced & challenging Pilates classes

– Upper body shaping routines

– Leg & butt workouts

– Pelvic floor and core abdominal classes

– Back, shoulder and spinal rehabilitation

– Barre Pilates

– Face Pilates

– Stretch and release Pilates classes (suitable for beginners)

Growing each week with every new class!
Just 30€ a week! (30 day subscription from when you join)


I would not have believed that an online class would be as effective.

“Before I joined this program I would not have believed that an online class would be as effective as an in person experience. 

My body feels great.  It’s intense without a full on cardio workout. I feel stronger all over my body.

You are always coming up with new exercises.  After first few months I thought ‘ok I’ve got it’ but then suddenly it’s completely different!  It’s incredible.”



I've learnt a lot about myself. 

“I can really feel the difference. 

I’ve learnt to understand my body with Natalia’s guidance.  I’ve learnt a lot about myself. 

I’m much stronger and my back pain is much better.”


“I always feel better after I’ve done a Pilates session from the program!  It gives me energy.”



I can manage my time and work my body at home.

“The advantage of the program is having all the routines online the library is that I can manage my time and work my body at home without having to go to a gym. 

On the otherside the live classes are fantastic. 

It’s a way for me to have discipline, to challenge myself and learn.”


Join our Private Limited Membership Pilates Program for 115€ a month! (30 day subscription from when you join)

Contact us to know more about Pilates Online and book your Introductory Session with Director Natalia Laing

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