Pilates & Wellbeing Program

A private limited membership community for advanced Pilates enthusiasts!

A virtual Studio Australia Barcelona experience you can enjoy every week!

For less than 30€ a week (30 day subscription from when you join), you can become part of our unique online community and experience a place where we all become stronger, fitter and form special bonds working out and doing Pilates together.

Pilates & Wellbeing Program

12 distinguishing features for members

  • This program is customised every week just for you!
  • Affordable, 3 classes a week, less than 10€ for each unique live class.
  • You are taught by a Pilates Master with 25 years experience.
  • You get personal contact and care from the S.A.B. team.
  • Global access, you can work with us anywhere!
  • You’re a member of a likeminded community of diverse interesting Pilates enthusiasts from around the world.
  • Membership limited to just 30 people to ensure individual care and attention.
  • Specialists in rehabilitation and injury so you can feel safe no matter what.
  • 90 days exclusive library access to all lessons before public release.
  • Access to Spotify music playlist, weekly healthy food recipes and wellbeing inspirations.
  • Full access to all the 100’s of classes on our YouTube library.
  • 30 Day membership, flexibility to manage your subscription.

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Personalized sessions to your needs

What's in this program

A unique approach to online teaching

We adapt and personalise every session to who is in class. To ensure this level of tailored service people have limited opportunity to join this special community and they must have completed the Introduction to Pilates Program unless they are previous S.A.B. Pilates trained.

  • Limited private access and membership.  Maximum 30 people.
  • 90 days of exclusive content only available to program members before public release.
  • 3 live ZOOM Pilates classes every week fully programed with class notification reminders.

Missed the session?  No problems, these classes are recorded and included in your easy to access library so you can do them at your leisure.

  • Links to our YouTube library of 100’s of Pilates videos including a diverse selection of our classic repertoire!

–  Stretch & release classes

– Nurturing Pilates classes

– Intermediate Pilates classes

– Upper body classes

– Leg & glute classes

– Core & abdominal classes

– Back & rehabilitation classes

– Barre Pilates classes

Growing each week with every new class!

  • Synchronise your Google Calendar and iCalender for all live classes.
  • The platform is mobile and device friendly for easy viewing
  • Nat’s ‘pick of the week’ class for that extra class you’re looking for.
  • Weekly healthy food recipes to inspire you in the kitchen!
  • Tune into Nat’s Spotify playlist to enjoy all her music.
  • Inspirational quotes,movies and documentaries.
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Your practitioners

Pilates Master Natalia Laing

Founder, Pilates Master and Reiki Healer at Studio Australia Barcelona

Pilates Master Natalia Laing has been teaching Pilates since 1996.

Her speciality is working with spinal injuries, rehabilitation and pregnancy.

Throughout the classes Natalia will always care for your body with her method of Pilates.  She will continually remind and guide you while you are doing the sessions to use your pelvic floor muscles and control your deep core abdominal muscles that support your spine and help to maintain good posture.

She will also physically challenge you!  As a veteran Pilates instructor she has a vast repertoire that has been honed with online teaching to give her clients a complete satisfying fitness workout that you will feel and see in your body week by week.

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Wellness Specialist Mandy Keillor

Founder, author, creator of Face Pilates® and Wellness Expert at Studio Australia Barcelona

A pioneer in the holistic health and wellness industry entrepreneur Mandy Keillor has forged a unique niche in complementary health as co-founder and director of Studio Australia Barcelona.

Mandy is the author of The Detox Journey.  This book is a 14-day guide to a healthy cleansing program for you to do in your own home.

To overcome an eating disorder in her 20’s she sought natural alternative ways to enable her to control and turn around her obsessive behaviour. On this quest she found fitness and became a competitive fitness body builder.

Working together with Natalia in the Pilates & Wellbeing Program she shares her knowledge of how to shape and tone the body as well as giving Barre Pilates classes.

A specialist in creating personalised diet and nutrition programs Mandy also inspires members with her regular healthy seasonal recipes!


Pilates & Wellbeing Program

The history

To appreciate being a member of this group you need to understand the history of how it began.  

After the announcement of COVID-19 lockdown in Barcelona on the 13th of March 2020 we knew we needed to find a way to continue to care for our very special and amazing clients.  Within 3 weeks we had created this program and started our regular ZOOM sessions every week.

It has been an amazing fun experience where we have all become stronger, fitter and formed a special bond through working out and doing Pilates together.

What we realised when people wanted to join the program was that we had all become so advanced that to join was a challenge!

So we have created the Introduction to Pilates Program to induct our new members and once you have completed this you can get online with us and join a special group of Pilates enthusiasts.

Get the Introduction to Pilates Program!


I’m a huge fan of your online classes!

“The greatest thing about this program is that you get to do the live classes then you can go back and top up with the repeat classes from the library. 

Priceless for someone who loves Pilates.”



I love the convenience.

“I have never done Pilates in person.  I’ve only ever done it with you online. 

I never stick to anything I do and start up things all the time, I’ve stuck with this and I just love it!  

I love the convenience.  I can just do it at home, even when I’m having a tired day!”



My body has completely transformed.

“I love the suprise elements of all the new exercises combined with the fundmental Pilates basics in classes.

My body has completely transformed.  I have had to change my entire wardrobe…in a good way!”



For the price it's extraordinary.

“The way Natalia plans all the exercises…they compound…they build and build. 

Being on the mat has been extra challenging.  So the combination has increased my strength and flexiblity. 

For the price it’s extraordinary.”


Join the program!

A private limited membership community for advanced Pilates enthusiasts!

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A virtual Studio Australia Barcelona experience you can enjoy every week! For just 25€ a week (30 day subscription from when you join), you can become part of our unique online community and experience a place where we all become stronger, fitter and form special bonds working out and doing Pilates together.

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