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Chi Gung Mindfulness Program for Stress Reduction

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The Eastern & Western Mindfulness Program for Stress Reduction has its emphasis in reducing basal levels of stress (a constant level of stress built into modern society) The course combines Chinese and Japanese Medicine techniques, physioterapy tools as well as Mindfulness training to give people genuine stress management tools.

Individuals & Couples:  Private sessions to  assist people with pain, stress or a broad range of conditions and life issues.

Presenter: Aline Tisato

Where: Barcelona

Date: By appointment

Certification: N/A

Price: 195€

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iGung – At the Desk

Chill out workout to do at home or in the workplace to maintian or  improve creativity and productivity.

Workshop Objective:

Teaching you to find the necessar internal space that is vital for optimum metabolism and mental clarity.

The fact that we walk most of the time on cement, very often use sound devices in our ears, receive many visual inputs from electronic screens and have our pelvis seated most of the day in a chair, has made us forget that we are living organisms and that the elixir of youth, creativity and productivity is to keeping our body and mind alive and pulsating.

Aline Tisato, physiotherapist, acupuncturist, shiatsu practitioner and Chi Gung expert has developed an easy, fast and very effective holistic program to release high levels of stress, tension and dis-ease.

Participants receive electronic training support materials including PDF of exercises, recommended links, reading, guidelines to continued practice.


  • Learn techniques to find internal space is vital for optimum metabolism and mental clarity.
  • This workshop of Chill Out Workout at the desk teaches just how to practice a sequence of movement to create internal space and keep on pulsating in your day to day working life.

Cost: Individuals 195€ Couples 295€

Presenter: Aline Tisato

Where: Barcelona

Date: By appointment

Certification: N/A



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