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Free up your second heart: The Diaphragm

Take control and be back in your body with our three part workshop series of Chi Gung and Holistic Physiotherapy to free up your diaphragm, breathe again.

Boost your immunity, release stress and restore your energy with this online workshop kit using traditional Chinese medicine acupressure points and focused deep breathing exercises.

Perfect for individuals, groups of friends or business organisations who want to learn and incorporate the techniques of self massage into their daily lives permanently.

Individual private sessions or corporate groups of up to 10 people.  Online.  At your convenience.

Course Cost:  150€ per person

3 Workshops x 40 minutes


Presenter: Aline Tisato

Where: Online

Date: By Appointment


Price: 150€

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iGung: Free up your second heart: The Diaphragm

3 workshops x 40 minutes 

This is a practical workshop series where participants will learn an extraordinary and simple system to release deep often hidden tension, within the nervous system.

Workshop Objective:

Participants of this workshop learn to release accumulated tension that restrict the functioning of the diaphragm.

Aline Tisato, physiotherapist, acupuncturist, shiatsu practitioner and Chi Gung expert has developed an easy, fast and very effective holistic program to release high levels of stress, tension and dis-ease.


In this Immunity Boost Self-kit workshop you will learn: 

  • How to unlock your life force via a simple sequence of self-massage to release accumulated tension that restricts the functioning of the diaphragm and stimulate major acupuncture points to boost your system.
  • How to wake up your whole respiratory tract and to get your diaphragm up to speed via holist physiotherapeutic breathing exercises.
  • How to make your Chi and blood circulate through a simple Chi Gung movement to practice daily.

Electronic training support including:

  • PDF of exercises
  • recommended links
  • guidelines to continued practice
  • two audio guided meditations

Cost: 150€ per person



Presenter: Aline Tisato

Where: Online

Date: By Appointment




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Energy through breathing

Boosting your defences

In Chinese medicine the lungs include the entire respiratory system, and the mechanism that brings oxygen in all the way to the cells and the release of carbon dioxide from the cells all the way out through the nose and mouth.

The lungs are a primary source of energy, along with the stomach, the spleen and kidneys, but they are also considered a “tender organ”, vulnerable to external pernicious influences. 

The diaphragm, the most important muscle in our breathing process, is considered a major pump, which moves the lungs energy downwards and outwards, from the centre to the periphery.

It’s main action is of dispersing energy outwards and generates our Defensive Chi, called Wei Chi – a protective layer of energy that circulates the space between the skin and the muscles and it can be considered as a force field, just above the entire body surface

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