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Daily Bed Exercise Workshop Series

Stress Reduction and Life Cultivation Workshops

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The emphasis in this series of workshops is to combine both Eastern & Western healing systems to reduce the effects of stress in the body.

The course combines Chinese and Japanese Medicine techniques, physiotherapy tools as well as Mindfulness components to give people genuine stress management and life cultivation tools.

Perfect for individuals, groups of friends or business organisations who want to learn and incorporate  techniques to relieve tension into their daily lives permanently.

Course Cost: 150€ per person

3 Private Workshops x 45 minutes

Corporate groups of up to 10 people.  Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs.

Presenter: Aline Tisato

Where: Barcelona

Date: By appointment

Certification: N/A

Price: 150€

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Daily Bed Exercise Workshop Series

3 Private Workshops x 45 minutes

Learn an extraordinary proven simple system that releases deep and often hidden tension, within the nervous system.

Workshop Objective:

Practical preparation of your body to release and function without pain as you start each day .

Aline Tisato, physiotherapist, acupuncturist, shiatsu practitioner and Chi Gung expert has developed an easy, fast and very effective holistic program to release high levels of stress, tension and dis-ease.

What’s in the Course:

In this Daily Bed Exercise Workshop you will learn: 

  • A sequence of 10 exercises extracted from the therapeutic principles of Tai Chi and Chi Kung.
  • This exercise series is adapted to be performed in 5 minutes per day, lying on your back, in bed, upon awakening.
  • The sequence produces a “ break down” of the muscles knots and tense tone lines, lengthens the body’s fascia as well as stimulates the flow of chi and blood in the acupuncture meridians for optimum health.

Electronic training support including:

  • PDF materials of all exercises.
  • Guidelines for continued practice.
  • Additional reading materials.
  • Recommended support links.

Cost: 150€ per person



Presenter: Aline Tisato

Where: Barcelona

Date: By appointment

Certification: N/A



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IGung Bed Exercises

Wake your body with nourishing exercises in bed in 5 minutes!

Wake up your Body, Wake up your Mind,                    in your Bed, in Five minutes

IGung Bed Exercises are especially recommended for a gentle mindful engagement of your body to start your day.  Aside from the obvious convenience and ease of an exercise method that has been conceived to be undertaken lying down on your bed, (there is no need even to remove your pillow) there are other, perhaps less obvious reasons for recommending its practice first thing in the morning. 

From a physical therapy point of view, because you spend the whole night almost immobilized, with our body losing heat and condensing its tissues, old patterns, scars or injuries tend to be more easily discernible. It is when we first wake that our body readily shares its true degree of fragmentation, revealing different degrees of stiffness, discomfort and pains. 

Looking from the oriental perspective, IGung Bed Exercises helps us nourish life since its 7 key components were developed from the same philosophy and therapeutic principles of Yang Shen or Life Cultivation, the single most important holistic concept underlying all ancient Chinese medical theory. 



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