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IGung - Spinal Stretch

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The emphasis in this course is to combine both Eastern & Western healing systems to reduce the effects of stress in the body.  The course combines Chinese and Japanese Medicine techniques, physiotherapy tools as well as Mindfulness components to give people genuine stress management and life cultivation tools.

Perfect for individuals, groups of friends or business organisations who want to learn and incorporate  techniques to reduce stress into their daily lives permanently.

Individual private sessions or corporate groups of up to 10 people.  Online.  At your convenience.

Course Cost: 150€ per person

3 Workshops x 45 minutes


Presenter: Aline Tisato

Where: Barcelona

Date: By Appointment

Certification: N/A


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iGung – Spinal Stretch

3 workshops x 45 minutes 

Exercises and methods for the spine to move dynamically and elastically in relation to the adjacent connective tissue.

Workshop Objective:

To reduce stiffness in the spine for people who have postural deviations and chronic back pain so that they retain height, energy and vital force.

Adapted for people with and without back problems.

Aline Tisato, physiotherapist, acupuncturist, shiatsu practitioner and Chi Gung expert has developed an easy, fast and very effective holistic program to release high levels of stress, tension and dis-ease.


  • Learn to use the gravitational force in the erect position and calibrate the movements of the spine to achieve more elasticity and expansion in the shortened and compressed areas.
  • Learn vital exercises for the functioning of the organs and consequent joy and general well being.
  • Learn the introduction to Biotensegrity (tensional integrity or floating compression) and a complete movement of Chi Kung to be easily practiced at home. Using the biomechanical alignment in relation to the force of gravity, participants learn how to use this same “pressure” to generate springiness within the joints and consequently strength and more energy.

Participants receive electronic training support materials including:

  • PDF of exercises
  • Guidelines for continued practice

Cost: 150€ per person



Presenter: Aline Tisato

Where: Barcelona

Date: By Appointment

Certification: N/A


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Spinal Stretch

Grow younger, more flexible and taller!

What can be gained through this internal approach is actually the ability to address and maintain balance (in the physical and energetic levels simultaneously). The ability to increase your felt sense, hydrate your spinal discs, strengthen your nervous system, calibrating the load on your spine and limbs and focus more on your internal functioning.

The health of your organs is more important than any major muscle group. It is where vitality starts. Its state is manifested in the amount of juice you have in the muscles that support your spine and actually in your whole human form. You can look amazing yet internally be weak. By liberating the blockages and stimulating the acupuncture points on the whole length of your spine, you are actually infusing life force straight into the vital organs.



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