Natural Birthing Techniques

Prepare for your birth naturally with HypnoBirthing online

Weekly online classes

At Studio Australia Barcelona we have been helping couples or birthing partners prepare for childbirth with our HypnoBirthing courses since 2000.

Now we are pleased to offer the entire course online in convenience and comfort of your own home!

In the course your experienced HypnoBirthing practitioner Esther Jones uses deep relaxation techniques and visualization to connect mothers to their innate birthing knowledge.  It allows women to have the confidence in their body and the process of labour so that they can deliver their babies in a natural and calm manner.

Esther has helped over 150 women and their birthing partners rediscover their instinctive trust in the process of childbirth and bring their babies into the world with calmness and love.

Our course empowers couples to take control of the labour process and plan the way their babies will be born, whether at home or in hospital, a natural birth or a cesarean.


Presenter: Esther Jones

Where: Online at home

Date: Regular weekly sessions


Price: 150€

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HypnoBirthing online in your home

This course takes place over three online sessions of two hours each.

We understand that finding the time to enjoy an online course with busy schedules, family and other commitments sometimes is difficult so we offer you the opportunity to take the course over three sessions of two hours in as many weeks as you need.

Session 1

The importance of the mind in childbirth.

– Introductions – meet the others!

– the role of hormones in birth

– how stress and fear adversely affect us in labour

– the use of Hypnobirthing for a calm and empowered birth

Hypnobirthing techniques to prepare the mind.

breathing techniques

– deepening techniques

– visualisations

– affirmations

Session 2

Revision and practice of hypnobirthing techniques

Bonding with your baby

Fear and emotion release

Guided relaxations to prepare the mind

The role of the partner

– relaxation techniques

– massage

Session 3

Revision and practice of hypnobirthing techniques

The process of labour and how you’ll incorporate Hypnobirthing

– a look at labour, from its onset to the birth of your baby

– questions for your care provider

Guided relaxations to prepare the mind

Cost:  150 euros

You will receive via email all handouts and an audio recording files of the meditations.

Excludes course book Hypnobirthing by Marie Monga – available online on Amazon



Presenter: Esther Jones

Where: Online at home

Date: Regular weekly sessions




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Natural birth preparation

Find your birthing instincts

Our aim is to dismiss the myth that pain and suffering are always associated with labor and to give you the tools and techniques to shift this expectation that we call the Fear-Tension-Pain Syndrome.

We will explain how your body is naturally designed to conceive, nurture and birth with ease and comfort and teach you natural ways to bring your body into labour without needing artificial chemical induction.

HypnoBirthing will teach you to let go of the pre-programing about birth and show you that by creating a birthing environment that is calm, serene and peaceful you can trust your body and work with it to free yourself of emotions that cause pain causing fear and unyielding muscles

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Empowering birthing partners

“HypnoBirthing marked a changing point in the pregnancy where we both became much more confident about the stages of labour. We were given clear guidance and space to explore different tools that can be used before and during the birth. From this experience, my partner said he felt much more involved and empowered about his role during the birth. This preparation was crucial in creating the environment we wanted for the arrival of our daughter and was bonding for the three of us.”  Gaia

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ZOOM class guide

Preparation set up

  • Print or have available the course printouts that we have sent you via email.
  • Download or purchase the HypnoBirthing by Mari Mongan.  You can get the paperback or the Kindle version on Amazon.
  • On the day of your course ensure that you are comfortable and in a quiet peaceful environment.
  • Set up you technology as we have outlined below.


How classes work online

– To ensure that we are well prepared for the course we would like to explain how to join the online. 

– We use Zoom video conferencing for our online live sessions.  

– We have scheduled courses already and once you register we will contact you to organise the dates you would prefer to do your classes.

– 24 hours before the class will receive a link by email to the ZOOM meeting.

– Five minutes before your lesson begins simple click the link to enter the meeting.  

– If Esther is not there yet, don’t worry, she will join shortly.

– Please be sure to read our set-up & troubleshooting guide below prior to your first lesson.  

– This will ensure we get to maximize our time together with you.  You can access Zoom from your computer OR download the free app to access on your smartphone or tablet.


Troubleshooting tips

If you are having trouble accessing hour Zoom session please try the following:

– Go to Zoom.us – select ‘Join a Meeting – Enter meeting ID from your Zoom invitation that you would have received via email.

– Make sure you have the most updated browser (Firefox or Chrome are the best).

– Plug your computer into a power source.

– Shut down all other programs, downloads or streaming on your computer