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Treat and prevent fluid retention at home

This is a short step-by-step holistic physical therapy Masterclass that combines eastern and western therapy techniques to restore body fluid regulation.

In the comfort of  your home, you will learn specific tools that you personally can apply as a routine practice to boost your body’s ability to generate appropriate lymphatic drainage.

Course Cost:  199€ per person

1 x 120 minute online private Masterclass

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Presenter: Aline Tisato

Where: Online

Date: By Appointment

Certification: N/A

Price: 199€

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Improve Fluid Retention Master Class

Personal Online Masterclass  

The Master Class is 2 hour private online session where you will learn valuable life long learning techniques to regulate fluid in your body.


To learn how to stimulate drainage and restore fluid regulation.

Aline Tisato, Physiotherapist, acupuncturist, shiatsu practitioner and Chi Gung expert has developed an easy, fast and very effective holistic program to prevent and treat fluid retention, using both, eastern and western approaches.

What’s in the class:

In this fluid regulation Masterclass you will learn:

  • Evaluation: How to measure your results, before and after your practice.
  • Self lymphatic massage using clearing and reabsorption I-Gung maneuvers to stimulate lymphatic nodes and vessels.
  • Positioning and accupoint stimulation to harness the dormant yang energy of the body.
  • Diet guidance that prevents water retention.
  • Deep breathing, working as pulsating pump, which activates the flow of vital energy, blood and body fluids throughout the body.
  • Chi Gung Yang Set to stimulate lymphatic drainage and restore fluid regulation in the superficial (subcutaneous) and deep (subfascial) aspects of the lymphatic system.

Electronic training support including:

  • PDF materials of all exercises and acupressure points.
  • Guidelines for continued practice.
  • Recommended support links.

Cost: 199€ per person



Presenter: Aline Tisato

Where: Online

Date: By Appointment

Certification: N/A



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Lymphatic drainage

What is fluid regulation?

Fluid regulation, is a bodily function that when impaired can cause water retention or Lymphoedema, or what in Chinese medicine is referred to as dampness due to a lack of Yang energy.

Holistic physiotherapist Aline Tisato has spent three decades studying, practising and developing her own method (called IGung) of treating people who are suffering from issues relating to the dysfunctions of the body.

She especially cares for those who have chronic problems with fluid retention that may be caused by trauma, injury, surgery or disease.

However, water retention doesn’t only happen because of chronic issues it can happen purely because of your very own inherited constitution.

By teaching you to understand how you can use a combination of exercise, diet, self-massage, breath and mindfulness Aline is able to give you tools to recalibrate, balance and enhance the appropriate organs and systems to stimulate drainage and restore fluid regulation.

Her approach is holistic. Using her extended knowledge of the physical body as a trained Western Physiotherapist with her deep understanding of Chinese Medicine she is able to guide you through this class to give you valuable tools that you will have for the rest of your life to manage fluid retention in your body.

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