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Experience our unique approach to Pilates, healing, rehabilitation, pregnancy, Face Pilates, detox, fitness and wellbeing online.

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Live expert practitioners or flexible self-guided programs

Join Studio Australia Barcelona without leaving your home or office and experience our unique approach to healing, rehabilitation, anti-ageing, stress management, exercise and wellbeing. We have created premium online experiences and flexible self-guided programs to care for your body online.

Get the best care from a team of expert practitioners

Pilates & Wellbeing Program

Private limited membership for advanced Pilates enthusiasts!

Program benefits:

  • This program is customised every week just for you!
  • Affordable, just 115€ a month for 8 unique live classes.
  • You are taught by a Pilates Master with 28 years experience.
  • You get personal contact and care from the S.A.B. team.
  • Global access, you can work with us anywhere!
  • You’re a member of a likeminded community of diverse interesting Pilates enthusiasts from around the world.
  • Membership limited to just 30 people to ensure individual care and attention.
  • Specialists in rehabilitation and injury so you can feel safe no matter what.
  • 90 days exclusive library access to all lessons before public release.
  • Access to Spotify music playlist, weekly healthy food recipes and wellbeing inspirations.
  • Full access to all the 100’s of classes on our YouTube library.
  • 30 Day membership, flexibility to manage your subscription.
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Online + in person

Pilates sessions with Master Natalia Laing

Every session is tailored to how you feel on the day.  Whether you need a good stretch, want to work on specific areas of your body, need to rehabilitate and repair, if you are pregnant, or just want to work hard and break a sweat Natalia will adapt the session to suit you.

Your tailored personalised Pilates program begins with a one on one 1.5 hour introductory session online with owner and Pilates master Natalia Laing.

Natalia she will do a postural assessment on your body and discuss with you your history, speak about any injuries or concerns you may have and ask what you would like most to achieve from practicing Pilates.

From this session she will develop a program to suit your needs.


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Pregnancy Pilates Program

Learn how to stay fit, prepare for birth and recover well with Pregnancy Pilates!

Feel safe and have peace of mind while you exercise

You will get:

  • 10 Essential videos for Pregnancy Pilates and postpartum.
  • Guided instructions and detailed explanations to keep you safe.
  • Anatomical diagrams and support material to help you understand each class and how it works for your body.

The Program is designed to give you the best Pilates toolbox to keep fit, understand your body better as it changes, prepare for your birth and be guided along the way.

You will have peace of mind so you can feel calm, safe and confident as you exercise.

  • Pelvic floor exercises for a better birth and recovery.
  • How to use your core abdominal muscles when you are pregnant.
  • Fundamental rules to exercising safely when you are pregnant.
  • Pregnancy stretches and releases to ease pain and muscle stiffness.
  • Daily express fitness routine for pregnancy.
  • Exercises for maintaining good posture during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.
  • Pilates routine to relax tired Mums!
  • Best post-pregnancy Pilates class to get you back to exercising after giving birth.
  • Pilates exercises to get your abdominals working and back again after giving birth!
  • How to exercise when you have a Diastasis Recti.
Join us now for only 150€

Introduction to Pilates Program

Your essential online induction to learning a unique Pilates method.

What’s in this program

Personalised induction to the Studio Australia Barcelona method of contemporary therapeutic Pilates.

Live online

Your program at Studio Australia Barcelona begins with a one-on-one 90 minute private session with Natalia Laing  via ZOOM.

Self-guided lessons

5 Part series of Natalia’s essential Pilates sessions to give you the fundamentals to enjoy this wonderful form of exercise or prepare you to join the Pilates & Wellbeing Program.

Video 1 – How to use your core abdominal muscles.

Video 2 – Nat’s ‘fundamental back’ series.

Video 3 – Leg and glut focus class.

Video 4 – Using weights to shape and strengthen your body.

Video 5 – Full combination class.

This is a limited release program and will never expire!

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HypnoBirthing Online

Self-guided HypnoBirthing Program

All expectant parents should do this program!

Our self-guided HypnoBirthing Program is a comprehensive, effective and enjoyable way to prepare for your baby’s birth.

We will provide you with a deep understanding of labour, help you release any fears or anxieties that may cause tension and pain during labour, and give you and your birth partner all the tools you need for a calm and confident birth, whether at home or in hospital.
You can complete the nine modules in your own time, using the lessons, videos, PDFs and audio relaxations, to guide you through to your baby’s birth.
All the breathing and relaxation techniques are clearly demonstrated, with lots of suggestions of how best to incorporate your practice into your daily life.
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Nutrition for Pregnancy

A simple concise approach to nutrition for you and your baby.

Essential nutrition information

What’s in this program

Being healthy during your pregnancy is all about understanding how food affects your body.

  • Understand about appropriate weight gain and how to maintain your ideal body.
  • What calories you need during your pregnancy.
  • Delicious Healthy Recipes and tips for a balanced diet.
  • Foods not recommended for pregnant women.
  • Vitamin and mineral food charts for a healthy pregnancy.

With this simple plan you will feel in control and empowered about what you eat during your pregnancy, and after you have given birth!

Buy your program for just 9,95€

Holistic Hypnotherapy

Transform your life with the power of your subconscious mind

Holistic Hypnotherapy Menu


Initiate & Empower

This 1 month program includes:

2 x Hypnotherapy sessions | 180 minutes each session

2 x Somatic Coaching sessions |  90 minutes each session

Format:  One-on-one | Online | 1 x session per week

Investment in yourself:  1,200 EUR


Release & Reset

This 2 months program includes:

4 x Hypnotherapy sessions  | 180 minutes each session

4 Somatic Coaching sessions |  90 minutes each session

Format:  One-on-one | Online | 1 x session per week

Investment in yourself:   2,150.00 EUR 


Transform & Expand

This 3 months program includes:

6 x Hypnotherapy sessions | 180 minutes per session

6 x Somatic Coaching sessions | 90 minutes per session

Format:  One-on-one | Online | 1 x session per week

Investment in yourself:  2,950.00 EUR

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3 Day Raw Food Cleanse

How to feel better in just 3 days!

This cleanse is designed to ‘rest’ your liver and other major organs from the intense process of digestion, and give the body a chance to repair tissue and cells and rid the body of toxins and waste just by feeding the body a good supply of raw nutritious material.

Feel lighter, healthier, clearer and revive your inner beauty!

  • Reset your bad food habits
  • Rest your organs from alcohol, caffeine, sugar, animal proteins, processed foods and other toxins
  • Improve your digestion
  • Stop bloating and constipation
  • Boost your immunity
  • Loose weight
  • Think clearly
  • Look fresh with radiant glowing skin and bright eyes
You will not feel hungry, in fact, you will be pleased how satisfied you feel and how little you crave.
Start now, only 19,50€

14 Day Classic Detox

Proven to improve your life, body and food habits in just 14 days

Guided Day-by-Day Plan

Be guided by author Mandy Keillor with a 3-day preparation plan, 14 day-by-day detox with videos, audios, PDF downloads and a post-detox maintenance diet, plus all the information you need to feel empowered so you can understand how to detox and change your body and lifestyle whenever you choose.

What you will get:

The Detox Journey ebook
• Schedule
• Measurement Chart
• Basic Shopping List
• Foods Not Allowed
• Raw Food Menus – your choice of 3 calories counted versions
• 40+ Inspiring Detox Recipes
• +12 Bonus Recipes
• Calorie Counter
• Kitchen Equipment Guide
• Probiotics
• Body Brushing Tutorial
• 6 Express Body Shaping Routines
• Oil Pulling Tutorial
• Fermented Foods Tutorial and Recipe
• Inspiring Food & Detox Documentary Library
• Juicing Tutorial
• Intermittent Fasting Tutorial
• Post Detox Guidance Plan

In just 14 days you will learn to observe, modify and change your unwanted food and lifestyle habits. This detox will reset your body with nutritious, healthy and clean food recipes that will eliminate toxins to improve your life and body forever.

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Pilates & Wellness

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Our proven commitment is to empower, change habits and heal those who trust us with complementary health practices. We teach people to live long, fit, pain-free and healthy lives.

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