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Aline Tisato

Holistic Physiotherapist, Acupuncturist, Shiatsu and Chi Gung Practitioner at Studio Australia Barcelona

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At 20 years of age Aline had chronic back pain, digestive and menstrual disorders. Together with Western physiotherapy and Oriental Medicine she was able to completely heal herself.

For over 28 years since that time she has dedicated her life to these healing arts.

Aline has graduated from and teaches her courses in Brazil, England, United States and Spain.

With her wealth of experience and thousands of hours of clinical practice working with patients with chronic pain and high levels of stress she has created an evolutionary programme of exercises and simple techniques.

Since 2000 she has also specialised in women with gynaecological, pre and postnatal care and psychosomatic disorders.

A dynamic and inclusive approach to health

As part of Aline’s treatment practices the patients can learn, step by step, how to gradually understand to use these amazing “ life force points” which release deep-seated basal stress within the body, giving to the treatment a momentum that generates a restorative cycle.

This dynamic and inclusive approach to health enables individuals to gradually take control of their wellbeing and experience a sense of personal empowerment.

Aline’s goal: To share the wonder that the body possesses by guiding and restoring what is already there.  She awakens the innate bodily wisdom that we all have.

Pilates & Healing

A tailored program to suit your needs

Whether you are looking for a way to get and keep fit, wanting to change your lifestyle habits or need some care to repair or rehabilitate your body we create tailored programs to suit your needs.

The Studio Australia Barcelona Team

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