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Daniela Miotto

Pilates Instructor, Fitness and TRX Specialist at Studio Australia Barcelona

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Daniela is a movement and fitness exercise instructor educated and trained in Australia. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Contemporary Dance and formal qualifications in fitness Pilates and specialises in clinical Pilates which has a focus on posture, core strength, balance, control, breathing and flexibility.

Her way of teaching is to fuse traditional Joseph Pilates’s movement methodology with her passion for clinical and sports science and fitness control disciplines like TRX to give her clients a overall body workout that speaks to the body’s innate desire to move more fearlessly, easefully and with genuine inner and outer strength.

Daniela brings another dimension to the Studio Australia Barcelona Pilates and rehabilitation team as her  skills are a great compliment for people who are wanting to improve their fitness levels in a controlled, safe manner especially if they are suffering or recovering from injury or have had surgery.


Daniela Miotto

“… my job is to get people hooked on safe exercise, enjoy functional movement and increase good-times lifestyle activities, no matter the hurdle.”

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The Studio Australia Barcelona Team

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