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Elliot Theodor

Physical Therapist, Massage and Manual Rehabilitation Specialist at Studio Australia Barcelona

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Like most of the best therapists they commonly have come to their vocation because they have suffered their own hardship in life and this has provoked a need for them to develop a unique approach to healing and caring for the body.

Sometimes we call it the ‘wounded healer’.

But as it turns out, from our experience, they really are the best!

An aerial acrobatics professional and instructor for 10 years Elliot decided to become a therapist after suffering a spinal injury while enrolled in a professional program for circus artists in Flic circus school, Italy.

Being injured opened his heart and mind to see how all of us can suffer, especially when you are an athlete or when life throws you a curved ball and you sustain an injury.  Becoming a physical therapist gave him the tools to not only rehabilitate himself but to help others.

The two fields of special interest and experience that Elliot brings to our team are neurological and sports rehabilitation.

Elliot has a degree in Physical Therapy from Tel Aviv University in Israel and is currently a ​MA student of Physical Therapy in Sports and Readaptation to Physical activity at Gimbernat University here in Spain when in 2020 he will graduate.

Elliot’s professional approach to rehabilitation

Whether you have come to Studio Australia Barcelona with a previously diagnosed pathology or are in need of a professional evaluation Elliot’s approach is to access your history and current state of being and discover the right pathway and approach to a personalised rehabilitation program to suit the your needs.

His qualifications and specialisations in physical therapy include:

  • Athletes – both professional as well as recreational
  • Orthopedics
  • Respiratory issues
  • Post-surgery care
  • Pediatric care
  • Neurological conditions
  • Geriatric related issues
  • Post labour rehabilitation

When creating your program Elliot will use various modalities such as  therapeutic physical therapy exercises, manual therapy and walking aid adjustments.

Physical therapy techniques that Elliot can use to help relieve or rehabilitate your symptoms and issues.

  • Sinus and face massage – to alleviate sinus congestion and help with headaches
  • Cervical massage, gentle passive mobilization and spinal stretch – or tension headaches, neck pain and stiffness, and sometimes shoulder pain as well
  • Trap release – for shoulder and neck pain, posture alignment
  • Scapular repositioning – improves shoulder biomechanics, relevant for shoulder and neck pain
  • Forearm release and trigger points – helps with wrist and elbow pain, highly relevant to upper body athletes
  • Lower back and sacral pain relieving massage – lower back stiffness and pain, very relevant in chronic low back pain
  • Lower back and hip orthopedic rehabilitation techniques: stretching, manual mobilization – to improve mobility, pain and stiffness, very relevant to articular damage such as arthritis and joint pain
  • Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) – strengthening, neuromuscular control, neural rehabilitation relevant to very weak muscles, stroke damage, etc.
  • IlioTibial Band release – knee pain, very relevant to floor athletes such as runners, dancers and jumpers
  • Shin splints trigger point massage – stress fracture treatment, walking overuse
  • Posterior compartment of the Tibia – gastrocnemius, soleus and plantaris – release. Localized pain, floor athletes, chronic overuse, improves ankle mobility

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