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Ilona Cepelakova

Holistic Hypnotherapist, Meditation & Reiki Facilitator at Studio Australia Barcelona

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Ilona is a Holistic Hypnotherapist trained in Bali and is certified by the National Guild of Hypnosis.

She uses a technique called Holistic Healing Hypnosis that is based on the understanding that each individual has the natural ability to heal and resolve what troubles them.  The role of the hypnotherapist is to facilitate this process by working with the client’s innate power to heal.

After a successful 10 year career in the corporate environment, working as an Events Producer for Film Premieres in London and as the Director of Marketing at the W Barcelona, Ilona sought a deeper connection to her work. Given her lifelong passion for psychology, mindfulness and wellbeing, she decided to dedicate her life to helping others to improve their mental and emotional health.

Ilona is originally from Prague, Czechia. Today she works globally online caring for clients all over the world, facilitating Hypnotherapy in English, Spanish and Czech.

“This inner-work may include shadow-work, inner child-work, emotional release, correcting and upgrading beliefs relating to the self and to the world at large, and more. The process is focused on resolving the issue first and foremost, and as a certified hypnotherapist my aim is to do this in as little time as possible while still attending to the overall well-being of the client.”

Ilona Cepelakova

Holistic Hypnotherapy with Ilona

When we are in a state of Hypnosis we can access the subconscious mind that governs up to 95% of our behaviour.

It is where we store our emotions, memories and behavioural patterns, as well as limiting beliefs.

During the session you will find yourself in a conscious relaxed state with heightened concentration, one similar to a deep meditation. You will not be unconscious or sleeping during the therapy session as being aware and conscious is necessary for you to overcome the issue, experience healing and gain understanding.

Each Hypnotherapy session lasts approximately 3 hours and starts with a 30 minute consultation where Ilona will discuss in depth the topic you would like to focus on.

“Ilona is magical, she instantly makes you feel at ease and gets to the root cause effortlessly.

I have had hypnosis before however this technique is like nothing I have ever had before. A powerful experience with lasting results. Thank you!” – Esme, 25, UK



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