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Natalia Laing

Founder, Pilates Master, Trigger Point & Myofascial Release Specialist and Reiki Healer at Studio Australia Barcelona

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Natalia Laing began her career in Pilates training and body work with her sister Melissa Laing, trained herself by Pilates guru Alan Herdman in London, when she opened the first Pilates studio in their hometown of Adelaide in South Australia in 1996.

Natalia gained her qualifications as a qualified instructor from the Australian Pilates Method Association in 1999.

She started dancing the age of 2, trained and worked as an actor and enjoyed a successful modeling career but her passion was dance and she became a professional contemporary dancer graduating from the Adelaide College of the Arts in 2004.

In 2006 after migrating to Spain she opened Studio Australia Barcelona with her partner Mandy Keillor.

Healing hands

Client’s often say that Natalia has healing hands. A diagnosis of her best friend with breast cancer was the catalyist for Nat to persue a path to use her skills, especially using Reiki and Pilates, to treat cancer patients undergoing and recovering from cancer care. Pilates and Reiki are two of the safest recommended forms of natural treatments for cancer patients undergoing cancer care. The love and care she has for her clients and the healing energy she transmits through her hands should best be described by them.

Montse’s story…

“A few months after having undergone a mastectomy because of breast cancer, I met a friend who had gone through the same thing and that as I was with the treatment of drugs against cancer that produces side effects such as fatigue, joint pain, cramps, she recommended the Studio Australia Barcelona.

I started with Reiki, I was weak physically and emotionally, after each session I felt better, little by little I was recovering energy. After half a year, I started doing Pilates. It helped me a lot, especially in the mobility of the arm of the affected side, and also mentally.

It will be four years since the operation and I have not stopped going to my weekly appointment. They are very personalized classes and each session is focused as I feel that day.  My body and my mind thank you. Studio Australia Barcelona has been and is a very important part of my recovery. I encourage women who go through the same situation to try the experience.”

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I started with Reiki, I was weak physically and emotionally, after each session I felt better, little by little I was recovering energy.

Montse Leon

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