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Raul Morelli

Massage Therapist, Reflexologist, Kinesiologist and Naturopath at Studio Australia Barcelona

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Raul graduated in 2005 with a Masters qualification in Chiro Massage, a formal health certification recognized by the Italian Ministry of Health.

Until 2009 he maintained internships in physiotherapy clinics as a focused on treatment for athletes and people with all types of joint pain.

In 2010 Raul’s life changed when he moved to Barcelona to expand his work as a therapist and to begin his training in other therapeutic disciplines such as Holistic Kinesiology and Naturopathy both qualifications he completed in 2016.

After finishing he was able to complete a full internship year with the renowned Doctor Joan Guixens at his IGEM clinic in Barcelona.

For the past 13 years Raul has collaborated annually at the Grand Hotel Villa Feltrinelli as an exclusive guest therapist and masseuse.

Passion for Natural Therapies

Raul combines his expertise with homeopathic Bach Flower remedies in your personalized naturopathy and kinesiology treatments really focusing on the need of each individual according to the moment and their state of balance.  He especially considers the underlying negative emotions that sometimes manifest into physical symptoms that we are not always aware of.

“Personally, I have a passion for gaining knowledge of natural therapies because of the broad variability when it comes to approaching a treatment, and that is why I continue to train, to be able to discern and know different techniques and therapies at the forefront, complementing them in my path as a therapist”

Raul Morelli

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The Studio Australia Barcelona Team

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