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Santiago Pinto

Structural Integration Therapist at Studio Australia Barcelona

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Santiago was born in Colombia.  He has travelled the world and lived in seven different countries and speaks seven languages.  In 2011 he made Barcelona his home.

Twenty years ago he transitioned from being a professional in the TV and film industry to a new career in wellbeing and Ashtanga Yoga.

Santiago studied in Sao Paolo, Brazil at the International School of Structural Integration under the guidance of Nilce Silveira to become a practitioner of the Ida Rolf Method© or structural integration.

He is a member of the International Association of Structural Integrators and studied in Sweden to gain his certificate in Classic Swedish Massage and Acupressure Massage.

Since 2011 Santiago has focused on his passion of being a Ashtanga Yoga master and is accredited by the Union Yoga Training UK and the John Scott Yoga School.

Santiago has also been a structural integration therapist at Studio Australia Barcelona since 2011.

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The Studio Australia Barcelona Team

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